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  1. Who exactly are the regulators here? What is so offending about gacha when there are so many worse things about SL that are in need of regulation? No one forces another person to play gacha. If I choose to play gacha that´s on me. There is no victim. The seller got paid and the buyer got their item. What is this really about? I´m asking rhetorically.
  2. Yes, you are right. The browless version is the letter E in the box. Problem solved! Easy fix.Thank you!
  3. Thanks for your answer. There are two tattoos because they are separate for L and R side. I will go check out 7 Deadly Skins. Thank you!
  4. Maitreya EvoX Head, Lelutka EvoX Skin, Loa Brow layer = Double Brow Obviously there is something fundament that I don´t understand about the layers. I am going for a pale skin with white eyebrows. Is there anyway to remove the brows off of the Lelutka skin or is there a way to make them on the EvoX hud? What am I missing. I feel the shame that I can´t figure this out. Thanks.
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