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  1. Are there any kind of services or assistance for people with social problems or phycological that can follow you around on second life and baby sit you to help keep me out of trouble? I am an extremely social person and really outgoing, but I have recently been running into some issues where I am saying things that are upsetting others and causing issues that I am not even realizing.
  2. I am not sure you properly followed the instructions. I just tested this out threw multiple alts that I own and was able to repeat the steps without a problem.
  3. I apologize for the confusion, I just added more information to the post to help others understand the confusion that this post was not meant to be malicious or an exploit to harass people that you have muted. With that said, this could technically be a way to harass an individual that has you muted along with an infinite number of better ways to do so as well.
  4. You may have been directed to this post from somebody's profile to be given instructions on how to get them to unmute you. If you would like for this person to unmute you, then please follow these instructions very carefully. The intention of this post was originally meant for people to make a request for me to unmute them. Please don't respond in this post to have me or anybody else unmute you because it will be ignored. First you need to create a new notecard. This notecard needs to be originally created by you for proof of authenticity. To do so, right click on any folder in your inventory and then click on "New Notecard". Once you have created the notecard, be sure to give it a unique name that has to do with what you are going to write to the person that you want to unmute you. If you want to rename it later then you can always right click the notecard later and then click "Rename". Once the notecard is created, you will need to right click it and then click on "Properties". Now make sure that the check box labeled "Modify" is unchecked so that nobody can change or modify this notecard. If somebody else is to modify this notecard before it is sent to the person that you want to unmute you then you are most likely not going to be unmuted, and push your luck even further from ever getting un-muted by this person. If the notecard is not created by you, and others can edit this notecard, then the person who will receive it, will most likely not believe that it is actually from you, and you will not be un-muted. Now you will need to open the notecard by double clicking on it or by right clicking on it then clicking "Open". You will need to write your message to the person in this notecard. If you are missing any information that you are asked to include, your most likely not going to be unmuted. Please make sure that it is clearly indicated that the notecard is sent by you by including your username that you log in with and indicating that this is who is sending the message. Make sure that they are able to find your avatar by searching your username. You may also want to include your calling card by dragging and dropping it from your inventory into the notecard because this will make it a lot easier for them to find you. Be sure the write an apology to this person wether you believe you did something wrong or not, and don't make up any excuses or explanations about why you did what you did that cause them to unmute them. You are better off assuming you're just a jerk that deserves to be muted while writing your apology. Being humble and polite is the key to getting others to listen to you so that they will unmute or unban you. Don't make up lies or say things that you cannot do, or will not do. You must be 100% honest. If you mislead them once, you're not going to be able to mislead them ever again because they will most likely never listen to you again, and possibly report you for harassment. Once the notecard is finished, please be sure to overlook all the steps that you took, and be sure that everything is done according to what you were told in these instructions. Once you are satisfied that they will unmute you when they receive the notecard, then you will need to find somebody that this person does not have muted, and have them send the notecard to that person for you. To send a notecard to somebody, just simply drag and drop it from your inventory onto their avatar, or drag it into a private message to that person. You will also need to make sure that the person who is sending the notecard for you, understands how to send the notecard to the person that you want to un-mute you.
  5. Thanks for trying to help, but nothing in that link seemed to help in the slightest. I tried installing the drivers provided by my card manufacturer and did not seem to help at all. I actually am using the asus 270x card. Also, this form is about the 290 not the 270.
  6. I have an AMD graphics card (r9 270x) that I believe is forcing antialiasing on my viewer and forcing a few other graphical setings as well. I have tried diffrent viewers. I have also tried focing it at 2x and setting it to allow application to control the settings on the amd control panel. I have also tried diffrent versions of amd drivers, however the ones that are claimed to be the most stable are not available for windows 10. On my laptop, I have an nvidia graphics card wich has the same issue, however I am able to force the settings on the nvidia control panel. My laptop used to not have this issue before I put windows 10 on it, so I belive this may be some kind of windows 10 issue. I currently have a support ticket with second life dealing with this issue, and I think they might be having issues on their end trying to help me resolve this issue. I was wondering if anybody else has had this issue and how they resolved it. Here are some example screen shoots of what is going on: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BwyIg9lZaFcSWUxLbmVBdXFST0E&usp=sharing Basically most of the settings, when changed, don't change the frame rate, and one of them acually lowers the frame rate when it is disabled wich is probably the most strangest bugs I have ever seen happen in my life. I could really care less if the main graphics setings are all forced to max though. What is really bothering me is that I cannot change the anti alising to 2x. When disabling it all together, it is visually disabled, however it dose not change the frame rate as if the effect is still soem how virtually applied.
  7. This is simply an idea. I am not nessecarily aksing linden labs to do this or saying that this must be done. This is an idea that i have came up with that dose compeltely solve the idea of being able to share inventory between alternative accounts. To foolproof this ability, you would need to have the user agree to linking the inventory between these users permanately and that you are compeltely responsable for others who acess these user accounts. Basically the idea of this is that you own all the users that you link and that they are permanately linked and cannot be undone. Generally user accounts are only supposed ot be acessed by 1 person, so this should not really be an issue. I understand that a lot of people will give away these user accounts to other people, but they will be doing so at their own risk, and they already agreed for their responsability to these users. The idea is that only 1 person should have acess to these users so they should all have the ability to acess one another in every way possible. These users should also be able to reset eachother's passwords by entering the password of the current user that you are logged into first just like in the normal way that you reset your password. To acess eachother's inventories You would simply have yet another system folder wich could be called users and have a flder for each user accoutn that is linked to that user. Just in case you don't understand where I am going with this, inside each of thoose folders would be the regular inventory of that user. I also would like to take the time to make note to linden labs if they read this on how to help fix a security issue on their website. Tracking cookies can be copied from other websites and peopel can log into your user account on the website. I am assuming that linden labs is aware of this ability because the way the password reset is set up on the website. To prevent this tracking cookie exploit is pretty simple. You need to store on the database the IP adress that they used when they logged into the website. If they are logge in by tracking cookies and the Last IP that was used dose not match up with their current IP adress, then it will simply delete the tracking cookies and log them off. Something similar to this should also be done on the viewer side because i have heared of people coping the data of the viewers that remember passwords and they can log into your user and buy lindens and then transfer the lidnens over to their other user without even knowing what your real password is.
  8. I am looking for an expirienced mesh creator where we can share our ideas to create either vehicles or a combat system or both. You may not need to know hwo to rigg things with mesh, but you will need to know how to create physics for your mesh modles. I would rather you know everything including rigging like I do. I acually know how to do all this stuff, however I am not too good with it, and I don't have the patience for it mainly. I am looking for somebody who can share the same goals an interest that I have in these products. My goal with these products are top quality and performance in any way we can. My goal with vehicles is to create just about everything and make them easy to handle and have a clean simple apearance. I owuld like to work on designing a little bit of everything: boats, cars, moter homes/RVs, buses, yachtslimozines, helicopters large and small, airplanes large and small, and anything else that I might not have listed. If we are doing a combat system, I will need to do a lot of expiramenting to see how much more realistic we can make thigns behave then other systems, however withing second life that is really hard nearly impossible to accomplish. We will need develope and release our own weapons and take requests on weapons that others ask for. We will need to make up our own weapons and names due to issues with attempting to simulate the real ones and posisble legal problems with that as well. If we do both we will be doing milliraty vehicles or we can juyst to millitary vehicles with weapons, however if we do this, I will be trying to get you to do both eventually. Please contact me if you are interested in hireing me or partnering with me. I am not hireing you you will be hiring me most likely in a way but it will be more like a partnership and we must be able to trust eachother.
  9. I Wuld like to know where is the best place I can go to submit or request an idea for second life. Please, don't shut down the idea until you have read the whole thing. Add to it and take away from the idea as you wish. My idea is basically that I would like linden labs to givs us the ability to host our own regions, but in order to ask such a thing from linden labs I need to ask this withing their reasoning. If they were to enable us to host our own reigons, it should only be done on agreement that you are not selling or disrtibuting your regions to others for profit or as free land. You can use the land or regions to host non profit organizations or for personal use only. You cannot disribute the land or regions to anybody, however you may share it with others. No selling objects or currency exchange ability should be given or allowed to any avatar in these personal hosted regions to prevent profiting threw the region or possible currency exploits. This land should be acessable by the main grid or test grid by your choice. You may not use the land for advirtizing anything that is profit related. You are responsible for keeping the region up to date and maintaining the region and at your expense. Breaking this agreement, linden labs may block you from the ability to host these regions by username and IP.
  10. Maybe you are all ofr the using a more realistic height but you will find yourself way too small compared to everybody else and the majority rules. If you want to convert your real life height or desired height into something more compatible with second life avatars then I suggest using this simple formula. Avatar Hieght (in meters) * 100 * 0.8 = Your height in centimeaters * 2.54 = Your height in inches I have a scripted object that dose just that for you. I might be able to give you one if oyu want it.
  11. wow It owuld be amazing just getting 4k a week. It is impossible to find a job that can provide 4k a week with the skills that I have and I know how to do just about everything on second life. Your asking for 100k which is just not happening you probably don't even have 1/4th of the skills that I have. Second Life dose not have the same economy that they had many years back.
  12. I specialize in scripting website database systems for communicating with Second Life objects. I work with Linux, PHP, Apache, and MYSQL. The price ranges depend on the complexity of the setup. My starting prices are 6000-8000 lindens for a simple basic system. Website login control panels will cost an additional 6000-12000 lindens . A separate display of data will cost an additional 4000-8000 lindens. Additional features cost 1000-12000 lindens per feature.
  13. I am having some issues with the command llGetObjectDetails and finding out what number values I need to watch out for when this command is used on an avatar. For example: using OBJECT_SCRIPT_MEMORY, I know that if an avatar is over 3 MB total, then they are concidered overweight on their scripts by most people's standards and some places will boot them out. I am tring to find some reasnable standards for OBJECT_SCRIPT_TIME, OBJECT_PRIM_EQUIVALENCE, OBJECT_SERVER_COST, OBJECT_STREAMING_COST, and OBJECT_CHARACTER_TIME.
  14. Maybe I am being a little OCD about this, but I feel that the prims on a full sim should be at exactly 16384 and 1/4 of that for a homesteat and ect... The reason for this is so that when you devide parcles, they will divide prims between eachother more evenly and properly and the smallest possible parcle on a full sim would have 1 prim exactyly instead of a rounded decimal. I am not saying that somebody would have a reason to do this, but if you were to divide a sim into as many parcles as possible, they could each have one prim place on them because there would be 16384 parcles. This just sounds to me like something that would be easier to work with for most people and more professional. The land sizes would be eaiser to know what prims they are because a 1/16th of a sim would be 1024 prims. Some of you may not understand what the number 1024 means, but some clearly are famileir with that number and would understand why this would be a nice number to work with. I think I understand why linden labs dose not go over 15000 prims, however it would be pretty nice to have sims that can hold 32768 prims. If these sims can cause issues then linden labs can put up warnings that you are using these sims at your own risk. These sims would be very useful in a lot of low script and high prim residential situaions, and would be very nice for them peple who prefer to put out platform levels and skyboexs throughout thier sim that seem to think they could use more prims because they think they have too much space.
  15. I am a very expirienced scripter and building designer. I can also do photography, images for logos or buttons, and custom t-shirts but you could probably find somebody better at it them me. I also am very expirience with php and mysql if you need a database for a scripted object or need to store some data on your website from your scripted objects. Weapons and combat systems are my limits. I don't do weaponery and combat systems, however I may be able to make parts of them if you are hiring more than one scripter. Please contact me in world because I don't pay attention to posts very well. ziicutie
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