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  1. I agree the ads are a terrible idea. This is a new "innovation" by LL to bring in more revenue. All it does is create an annoyance. They pop up on the account page as well as marketplace. Marketplace is partially blocked by the right sided ad which overlaps the search button and arrow button for featured items so that I cannot scroll through them. I just added Adblocker today and thank gawd I don't have to look at the ads anymore, but still the navigation arrow on the right won't function to scroll through featured items. This happens whenever I have the window sized down so I can see other windows behind it. Apparently even though the ads are now invisible they are still overlapping that side of the page. My only option is to open the page to full size which makes it impossible to see any other windows simultaneously. How convenient is that? Another brilliant idea courtesy of LL.
  2. I've had an occasional disagreement with a random person in open areas, not trying to sell anything which would probably be waaaay too hard for me to even try to do. And I can say there are some real in-your-face types of people in second life. They feel safe saying things to you online that they would never do to you in real life, just because they can hide behind a computer. Once I complained to a friend after one very annoying argumen at a club, and my friend reminded me that some of these people are really young, like teenager young, and maybe just not mature the way they handle things. They become managers, like club managers for instance or store managers because they are friends of the owner and they don't have good judgement about what goes on in their club or the store. So now, when someone is rude to me, I just remind myself that maybe I am talking to a young teenager who is not very mature and why waste my time arguing with a child or being upset because of it? Then I just shrug it off and smile. I like your idea very much by the way. As a shopper (a constant shopper) in second life, my family is always looking for ways to give me sl things. A wish list would be perfect.
  3. I'm in sl several afternoons/evenings a week as well as weekends. I've looked at your profile but I cannot tell what exactly you are interested in doing in sl. Do you want to do more exploring? Have you any interest in trying out some of the free horseriding/balloonriding/surfing/skiing sims? Or looking into some historical sims? Checking out some of the ancient civilization sims? Go to writers/poetry meetings? Exploring artistically creative sims? Look for enchanted fairy lands? I've dropped into many of these, but I'm up for flitting around and checking out more. Are you looking for religious sims? Those are a bit harder to find but they are there. I'm not particularly averse to religious or spiritual practices either. If you like shopping, then you can count me in as well, I'm already well addicted to shopping. But if you want to find people with interests like yours it would be helpful to list some of them. I'm fairly conservative in sl. I don't take part in wild orgies or bizarre RP. I'm not a vampire or a furry either and avoid areas that are just too strange for me. I have no one in rl who shares any interest in sl with me. But I'm not looking for someone to date. I'd be happy with friendships. I live in the U.S. in the westcoast timezone. So if you live anywhere near that perhaps you can contact me inworld if you like even just to have a chat .
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