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  1. circa 2011? Do you really talk like that? To me the word circa belongs after the word established, on a city limits sign or a very old business. Maybe even on a tombstone. Circa is used in places where it means, "I am stupid and can not remember. Definately not ijn places to guess a year you can not remember from circa 3 years ago. <-- see my point I've never in my life heard that word in conversation. Words like "about" or "around" are much more clear.
  2. I agree totally. There is no anti-spam going on. I really don't know why anyone would even think that. If there is anti-spam software running it is useless and should be delete as a waist or resources. I have like 50 messages from 50 different accounts saying all the same message. Buy my lindens at so and so dot com. If I have 50 of them in my logs and another 32 in my profile messages, you would think thousands of other people have also gotten the same message 50 or more times. If there was anything resembling anti-spam that message would have been caught and delt with rather than put it in my box for the 80th time. to the anti-smap believers... If you think I am joking I can post a screenshot
  3. Wow. That's all? Maybe I should have mention I had to do that in my first post. I honestly feel liket hat answer was for your post count. That's lame. How about not saying to write a ticket in the JIRA, next. I all ready know I can do that, too. What I am more looking for in replu is something like "the linux viewer actually did update 3 times in 4 hours. Or the linux viewer updater is broken due to blah blah.
  4. I installed the linux viewer about a little while back and it seems today there was an update for it. The problem is that now after this update, it wants to "required" update every time i login. What's going on? I just can not imagine 3 forced updates in 4 hours. Does anyone else have this issue and know how to fix it?
  5. I can not say wher it is coming from. Whatever it said was too large a font to fit the box so most the address rolled off. Let's assume it is not coming from the forum as you say. Let us also assume that AVG would have trapped it had it been a virus on my android. After all that's the purpose of anti virus isn't it? It never happen on other websites. So it must be connected to secondlife in some way. So, if both assumptions are true that would leave secondlife forum being hijacked. That seems rather unlikely since I was logged in. So the mystery continues. Any more suggestions?
  6. About what's best? From the client side you have no advantage that I can think of for for having a static ip. On the server there are multiple advantages, and some of those are speculative as in search engines giving hligher weights. If you want gaming advantage its best to remove you NAT from the equation and let the machine have the wan ip instead of the lan ip. On dhcp assigning, dynamic ip addresses can be routed to the mac address of your modem and never change. But its still a dhcp address regardless. Dhcp addresses can also be assigned to a detected machine name. Ie if machine a connected to the dhcp server the server will dhcp the address it has reserved for that machine name everytime. These are common practices easily googled.
  7. I crossed a sim border yesterday just avatar flying. I ended up 256m away at the opposite border. On the way back I was trapped under someone's floor with no way out. I agree its bad but who cares about vehicle crossing before avatar crossing?
  8. As I log into the forum I am sent a popup telling me I have an android virus. What's that about. It list the beginning of the source as mobileservices.something. it.s an incomplete address so no way I know of verifying its source. The message seems bogas since my scanners never detect it ever. It looks completely like old school you have a virus message that is there to con you into downloading a fake cleamer that's. A virus in itself.
  9. Since SL has started the my.secondlife page I have received 1 real message and 35 spam messages. Why is it there with no spam prevention and also appears no way to delete 35 duplicate spams without opening each one. Is there a way to delete my message box and turn it off completely? As it stands now it appear worthless unless you love people to send the same spam from 35 bogus accounts.
  10. Thank you so much for the answer. The GET method would have been my last guess. It is normally used for fetching data instead to send it. Thanks again.
  11. I have to assume you either did not read the post, or you read it wrong. Or would you just have him NOT sell because the magic box is the only option available for "limited items" from the Marketplace.
  12. I would say you will get your money back eventually. Personally I feel you should be able to cancel an undelivered item for an immediate refund. It does not even seem hard. You can do it everywhere else. If your Amazon order soes not deliver Amazon refunds it. If you need this item now and can not wait weeks for it (and you shouldn't) at the least you could have your L$ back (within the 8 hours stated) so you can buy it from somewhere that delivers. I guess thier 5% is worth more than providing the services paid for. Really how hard could it be to deliver the items if you are a LInden?
  13. Amber Malifozik


    http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Direct_Delivery_and_Automatic_Notification_System states that ANS is available to websites and not in world objects. This is completely fine, and even prefered. The problem is that the wiki page (although very helpful) neglects to mention anything at all about how this information is sent. If I script my inworld vendor to send this data I have some choice over how it is sent. The marketplace on the other hand is something I have no control over as far as what data it will send and how. what I need to know is: How is this data sent? ( in the url? / post data? / the header? / CSV? ) Is it in a key=value format? It seems a pity to have to incorperate data entry fees into product pricing on the marketplace, when it could easily be automated, as it can easily be done to in-world vendors. So, any help with this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  14. Oh yeah I love those new profiles so much, 4 of 5 times I get host not found. I have seen secondlife improve a lot, but web profiles and adsense is not among them Ansariel Hiller wrote: Wait until they show up inworld when opening somebody's profile - thanks to those awesome web profiles!
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