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  1. This thing is very basic, but I can already see it as an interesting way to engage Residents. However, if I wanted to use something like this, the idea is so simple, why not just create my own website and get paid for the ad traffic?
  2. I am also just pointing out, since nobody else seemed to, that all of the "lag" the Original Poster seems to be getting may just be from not upgrading his system. Just like what is in style or what is changes with time, technology gets more advanced and consumes more resources. Of course if you are trying to run SL with the same machine as you did way back when, you will be met with tons of lag and issues. The technology has advanced and requires a more advanced machine.
  3. ChicByTrinity wrote: I meant replacing the texture, sorry about confusion. Does this mean that I have to pay 10 L$ every time I want to replace a texture? thanks Just to clarify for the Original Poster, you cannot edit a texture already uploaded to Second Life. If you want to edit or replace a texture that has been uploaded, you have to upload a new texture, so yes, you have to pay $10L every time. If you want to test textures without paying the upload costs, there are other methods to do that for free, but these methods will not really affect the live servers. If you want to edit an exact texture and it is in your inventory, you can save the texture to your computer for editing, but you will have to pay another $10L to upload the edited texture to Second Life.
  4. Ah, I have no problem with why it behaves that way, I just wanted a way to make my lines consistent. What I was trying to do, for example, was draw ribs around a shirt and I wanted to make sure that each rib was the same size, but when I'd change my perspective or viewing angle the brush size I had (5 pixels) wouldn't match. I was just looking to a solution for that, not complianing about it.
  5. If you zoom in either with the camera or by scaling the object, you get the problem I started this post over: your lines are not consistent. A 5 pixel line from a farther perspective is bigger than a 5 pixel line at a closer perspective even though both lines were drawn at 5 pixels.
  6. Thank you for your reply. It helps a lot. I also figured out how to manipulate my perspective to match a line I drew and that helps as well.
  7. I am having scaling issues with my 3D model in Photoshop CS6 Extended. Pixels are not scaling in size when I zoom in or out with my camera. I do not mean the pixels I am looking at, but I mean the pixels of my tools that I am drawing with. For example, if I select my Pencil tool and set it to 5 pixels and draw a line, then when I zoom in closer to my model and draw with the same 5 pixel pencil the line I should see should be bigger and it should match my other line, but it doesn't. The new line is smaller. I figure that my tools are just drawing at the pixel size for my current camera view, but how do I fix that? If I want a consistent line, but have to move in for a closer look, how do I guarentee that? I have been looking online all day and cannot find the answer. Please help...
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