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  1. Kapacorn, hi! I'm a he, not a she btw lol. But thank you very much for the kind words. I never should have left your place.
  2. Yeah, I didn't name the company either, but it definitely seems like it was a scam, rather than someone who just fell on hard times. They were just collecting our rent and apparently not paying their own tier fees. The person who was listed on my Transaction History as the recipient of my rent payments was the guy, not the woman. If you go to their website and do a whois search on the URL, you can get a personal email address and even phone number for him. I sent an email, asking for my money back. I would try the phone number, but it's Europe and I'm U.S. But... it sounds like my only real chance of getting my $5000 back is if he decides to be nice and give it back.
  3. Thanks for your answers. I wasn't sure if LL would get involved or not, but it sounds like they proabably won't, huh? Since the landlord won't answer me in sl, I've started looking for other ways of contacting him. Through his real estate website, I've found a couple of email addresses and his facebook page. I've sent messages to all three so far.
  4. I've been renting a parcel for about a month now. From what I've come to learn now, the land was owned by one property company, then leased to a second property company, and I subleased it from him. I paid my tier each week at the office of this second property company. This past Saturday, 18 May, I prepaid 4 weeks of tier, a total of $5000L. Yesterday morning I logged in and got a notice that the person I had been subleasing my land from had not been keeping up with his tier payments, and all of his properties were being taken away from him, effective immediately. I had to quickly go in and pick up all of my stuff so that it didn't get auto-returned to me, which is a mess I didn't want to have to deal with. I IM'ed every person who is listed as "working for" the property company who was taking my rent, asking them for a refund of my $5000L. I haven't gotten an answer back from anyone. I opened a support ticket with Linden, complaining to them that I have been defrauded out of my $5000L. So far, all I've gotten back from Linden has been an auto-response saying they would look into my complaint, but who knows when. Quite honestly, I'm pretty put off by this, and I want to know if anyone here knows what recourse I have? I buy all of my Lindens with cash, so $5000L is a lot to me. There doesn't seem to be any oversight from Linden on how property transactions work. I feel that I and all of the other people who were renting parcels from this guy should have been warned at some point that our properties were about to be taken away. I NEVER would have prepaid for 4 weeks tier fees if I had known that my landlord was about to lose all of his properties. And now he has my money... and I can't get anyone to answer me. Any suggestions from anyone here?
  5. Ansariel, thank you thank you It was too many notifications. Once I deleted the notifications file, I was able to log in.
  6. I know it's not that I'm getting a bad signal... my laptop shows that the connection is full strength. Thank you for the link Ansariel... I'm looking at it now.
  7. I've tried two locations and gotten the same results in each place. My friends see me for a few seconds, then I vanish.
  8. Bear with me, I'm complately NOT a networking person. At work, I've been connecting to SL via the open wireless connection. (I know, naughty me... I should be working.) For months, it has worked fine. All of a sudden though, I can't log in. But... what happens is: I hit "Log in" and I get the usual progress bar, with all of the usual messages... loading textures, connecting to region, etc.... and then sometimes I will actually see my avatar in-world.... but then I get the pop up saying "You've been logged out of SL, the region may be experiencing trouble, etc." Oddly, my friends actual see me coming online in their friends lists... but then I drop back out. My question is: if my IT department has somehow detected that I'm using the wireless for SL, and they did something to disable it, would I be able to get that close to being logged in? Because technically it looks like I'm getting in... but I just can't stay in for more than a second. Anyone know?
  9. Maestro: My girlfriend has been having this problem at a location on RC Magnum. I brought her to this sandbox on Morris... confirmed... she did NOT experience the bug. Hope this helps you guys get it squared away.
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