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  1. The owners have done more than a remodel of the sim. It has all new staff, looks more like a Gor Hub now, than an Adult Hub, and doesn't seem all that newcomer friendly anymore.
  2. This happened at the Adult Hub one night, when I decided to turn off my AO, because it was too crowded to be dancing around (the AO doesn't let me stand still). The animation continued, and since then, I have done everything I can think of to stop it, to no avail. This only happens at the Adult Hub. Everywhere else the animation is off. As soon a I cross the boundary to the hub, (say, walking in from somewhere else), the animation kicks in again. Is it possible that someone maliciously slapped something (like a script) onto me? At any rate, how do I get rid of this problem? (Remember, I've already done all the standard things you might think of. Like "Stop animating me," like rebooting, like making absolutely sure the AO is off me.)
  3. Apparently, I wasn't clear enough. The minimum system requirements for SL are outdated when it comes to graphics cards.. The minimum Nvidia card SL lists (6600) is circa 2005. I'm sure graphics cards have come a long way in 7 years, hence my question: What would the minimum requirement for a graphics card be among the 2012 Nvidia and AMD cards? For example, is the bottom of the line Nvidea card going to smoke the old 6600, or do you have to go up the ladder some? And if so, how far up the ladder?
  4. Second Life's minimum requirements are hopelessly outdated.. The video cards are circa 2005. Which current generation graphics cards (2012) would be a minimum for SL, and which would be a good recommend.
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