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  1. What you are saying is I must use Alpha channel in one layer only and one side of prim must be 32 bit alpha channel and the other a 24 bit to prevent a hole if you have to pass in front. To have a 360 see though window I must put another tinted texture prim in the line of view?
  2. Can there be a 24 bit transparency? I was trying to use two prims one inside the other both with 32 bit alpha channeled textures on each. It would blank out part of top image. It would also now blank out the inside texture if applied a alpha channel to a hole in the single prim. Avatars with alpha channel on feet, clothes and hair leave a empty hole when in the line of view of a window, transparent tinted floor or water. What you are saying, there is no solution? It is the nature of the beast? I must avoid doing things that way. If so, when ever any two Alpha channels cross in front of the oth
  3. When I put on Shoes and clothes via My outfits that is not posible to add. The avatar look fine. I am talking about when I walk on an Alpha channnel surface or in front of it the alpha channel surface the clothes, prim or whatever is attached to your avatar disappears. When I use alpha on prims by themselves it does the same thing. If I put an alpha channel on a box and put it inside a larger box with an alpha channel some portion of the surface will disappear.
  4. I want to see an Alpha channel texture on prim A when prim B has an alpha channel also. One inside of the other and linked. The outside surface disappears. Also I noticed a hole in a prim with a inside texture with a alpha channel, the facing surface becomes transparent. Add item does not work in texture tab in build dialogue. Is there a solution for that?
  5. How do you fix the above problem in any viewer with the alpha channel? It is annoying when when another alpha channeled texture goes in front of a surface with an alpha channel and it leaves a empty space. This happens with hair, shoes and skirts. I also find that is happen s when it would be convenient to place two alpha channeled texture over each other.. Is there a Advance or Debug setting that fixes that?
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