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  1. Hello, It's been a long time since I posted on the forums before so I'm not sure if I posting in the right area or not. If not please just let me know and I'll post this elsewhere. I have been searching for scripts that would integrate my inworld stream vendors to my WHMSonic software on my website. They would need to be able to create a new station on WHMSonic when the inworld vendor is rented, suspend if rent is late, delete the stream when the rental is terminated and only hand out a notecard when the stream is rented or something close to that. I have seen other companies inworld with WHMSonic working vendors but it appears the scripts are very closely guarded as no one sells them anywhere. I would also need to be able to either take the scripts to other worlds or have someone create them in each world I'm in as I have stores in multiple grids. If anyone could help please let me know. Thanks.
  2. I got it working. Thank you both so much! Updated my plugin that got my bones in the file then followed the workflow GrimAsa suggested and everything works perfect now.
  3. I updated the FBX plugin, that worked and put the bones into the DAE file. I manually added the missing bones. I can upload the rigged mesh but I when wear it the scale is huge. Almost sim size. When i rez it on the ground it's the right size. I double checked my messurments in 3DS as well and the scaling is right in there too. Units are set to meters, when i export my units are also set to meters.
  4. That is the thing, "Controller-Joints-array" is NOT in the DAE file. I've enen searched for just "Joints-array". Not in the file. There is something that I'm missing in the process and I can't figure it out.
  5. I am very new to creating clothes and skinning in 3DS Max 2012/2014 but I am fimalliar with the program as far as building stationary objects. (furniture, houses, ect...) I have watched many tutorials on skinning/rigging and have followed them all. I have read the SL Wiki but i am still at a loss of what i am doing wrong. My problem is when i try to upload the clothing into SL is I do not get ability to check the boxes for including the skin weights or the joints. I have looked into the dae file like the wiki says but the area for <Name_array id="DefaultClothingItemController-Joints-array" count="26"> is not in there at all. I see the joints but no Bones listed in the file. So i am assuming I am still doing something wrong in 3DS. Any help would be very much appretiated!
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