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  1. hey girl i just made a post similar to yours bc most of my original sl friends aren't online anymore.. but id love to hang in world sometime
  2. hi all , i've been on sl for a while now and every time i log on it seems theres less and less people to hang with. i was offline for about a year and all of my previous friends are either not online anymore, or have created different accounts. if your interested in finding a friend who is fun but slightly awkward at times.. then please message me in world so we can chill
  3. hey:P i just read your post after making one just like it and was wondering if you wanted to hang out. i just got back on after a long time yesterday and have been sitting here bored out of my mind because pretty much all of my close sl friends are innactive now just message me back if you wanna chill
  4. i have been stuck in a rut lately after taking a break from SL where every time i go in world ( such as London city or other chat destinations) it is hard to socialize with other residents, all of the friends i had previously are now either inactive or do not remember who i am. SL is pretty boring when you don't have people to run around and explore with so I've decided to reach out and meet some laid back people who are fun and positive. i hope that i can find a friendly accepting group before i grow tired of logging on and sitting in my house bored alone . if anyone has suggestions on how to become more active in the community or wants to chat / hang out in world please send a message my way :)
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