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  1. In my oppinion it's a matter of preference, I personally like alot of morphs I've seen, but soemthign can be said about some of the ugly Avis that get morphed if anything... because as you stated before all a morph is; Is a avatar face placed over top a Rl pic... So inactuallity whats' ugly would be the Avatar itself...lol I' just saying. And for the record, I've seen some really good morhp artist and photographers in here, and due to all of the Liquifying they do and painting etc. soem of them deserve a little more credit than you're giving them. But again I guess that's a matter of opinion. People like different things just as they do with hair styles and fashion in here and personally I don't see why people like yourself make such an issue of a Make believe world anyways, one of the things that make Sl , Sl is the fact you can look, be and do almost anything you want, it's supposed to be an escape from RL... So why do so many of you try to bring all of these RL polotics i here... SMH! I'm not arguing or fussing at you because you're entitled to your opinion just as I am, but it's just kinda annoying when people like you act like just because you don't like something it should be done away with... I am very sure you've got some clothes, Music or something that others feel just as strong about, but they allow you to be you and enjoy what makes SL fun for you, I just think you ought to try doing the same. Again, not mad just basing my opinion on your comment.
  2. I was reading some of the post regarding The Sl morph pics and if it's considered stealing... Not to say that I don't understand some of your points of view. However I don't think I'd agree with what most of you consider stealing especially as it relates to morphs. In the case of Morph pics, the one thing that places value on a celebrity picture that's been used for a morph is the celebrity face itself. Magazine, gossip columns etc. Are not interested in Back grounds, Body's etc. they are interested in capturing the face of that famous celebrity, because that's what the general public is interested in when they see the photograph, this is why Magazine companies etc. are especially critical about who they allow to grace the cover of their Magazines. Wehn a Morph is done, most of the Sl photographers are simply utilizing the body shot or a particular background for their image...infact it's not much different from many of the Sl cloths prints that maby of you freely purchase without thought or regard to the actual clothes designers who's patterns you glady wear and purchase without regards to their real life work. Those Patterns and Logos are Copywritten works as well, not to mention all of the music that you listen to in SL... eventhough many of you enjoy listening to them in the Sl clubs and on your radios stations.. very few of the Dj's in SL who spin them or radio stations who play them, do not have a lisence which is something that is needed in order to have permission to play their music...Because by obtaining a lisence ACAP, BMI and other song composer associations are able to monitor and keep track of each artists music. And due to Licennse fees the artist is then able to be compensated for their Mechanical royalties... which is a Royalty paid to record companies and artist for any kind of air-play their song recieves. to give you another example, hip-hop music has always been one to reuse sampled music of songs that were already established and copywritten, and for many years noting was done or said because it was usually merged with other musical compositions which in many ways made it differ from it's original state., infact the only way they could actually sue in the case of a song is if, that song still has the original hook or some kind of original music line played in it's entirety...but if the song as been chopped and screwed , many times it's very difficult for artist to sue because the song strays so far from it's original state. Some of you may remember "Vanilla Ice" had this same problem when he was accused of stealing the music he used for "Ice-Ice Baby" , however because their was a slight difference in the Base line, of his song the law suit did not work... and trust me the difference was very subtle. Even if you notice todays movies, when they do remakes, they have to obtain permission and licenses to reproduce it, evnthough it may have subtle difference, how ever the chracters and some of the original lines in the scripts remain the same therefor entitling the Original fims directors, producers, writers etc. rights to royalties.. However...In the case a movie may have taken it's direction and concept from an exsisting movie, but has completely different characters and scripts...eventhough it's obvious it is a spin off of what ever the movie is they copied it from... it is legal because it's using different content. In like Manner, the same can easily be said about the morphs... Many times the direction or the tone and concept of teh Morph pic may have been inspired and or used by the original photograph, but because the Face is completely altered and sometimes even certain aspects of the background such as lighting etc...this changes things a bit, because the images being sold in tis case is not the original works from the photographer... it would have no value to that photographer or artist due to the fact the image itself has been completely altered. In short i guess what I am trying to say is... I'm all for artist recieving their just due especially if something is actually illegal.. however, it's like anything else, if you want respect for phtographers then the same needs to be said about Musical artist who's music is being used, and for allof the gestures that use copywritten samples etc. from movies and songs, as well as the many fashions made into Sl versions for Sl but are basically created from Rl fashion patterns , logos etc. And if you bann allof that, then you'll pretty much be stuck with a dry and dead SL, you might wanna think about that before you go stirring up trouble! that's just my oppinion.
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