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  1. Second Life might die along with the fitted mesh, there is no freedom of creation, there is a regression, people are wearing clothes mesh texture was just feet from the store, legs most of a single store, the face of one shop, picture que some breeders to be crazy, to create a device sizes should consult belly, legs, hands thousand, creator of the skin to create applies to some stores is not all, he had to create a minimum 5 applies to serve the public , and the price remains the same, THAT is crazy. would be easier than creating a new virtual world, putting to work of deforming mesh or fitted.
  2. Hello, I reset the password to 10 days, I can only connect the region Morris, can not attach mesh already exists in inventory, after the upload if I put mesh on the floor and take the inventory can not attach it. and do not keep inventory uploads made on next login. anyone have this problem or is everything perfect for you guys?
  3. hello, I can connect the region morris, but I can not attach mesh, after putting mesh on the ground it does not attach. when you log in again, all items are gone uploads.
  4. é interessante, a unica coisa que sei te aconselhar sobre isso é fazer um update da sua placa de video,no site da sua placa tem drives recentes tenta isso e nos diga se permanece o problema
  5. would be possible to completely remove the avatar we use LL and implement a new avatar compatible with deformer, instead of trying to fix?
  6. any news on the project? 1 year the project has initiated anything new?
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