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  1. So i have a normal map for my shirt but when i plug it into the bumpiness section i'm not seeing anything change. i'm on the beta grid testing and using firestorm viewer. Not sure if i have to turn on a specific setting in the viewer or if i'm missing something. File is png.
  2. And we did it! Everything now works! I still had my head sinking but that was easily solved once I adjusted the skin weights. yay!!! Now, for your MvAniMATE, will it still work the sames with my custom skeleton? If so then i'm definitely going to be buying it.
  3. also optimo, in your pic the skin weight button isn't clicked, the base model shows fine until i turn on the weighted option. It looks like the issue is somewhere in the chest?
  4. That worked but it seems that it still keep twisting the model going through fbx then dae
  5. Everything just hates me apparently..... Im not sure if Maya 2018 is the problem or not but i exported fbx, brought it into the converter and it wont convert. If i select DAE, it doesn't do anything when i click convert, If i select obj then it populates a txt file that says that it couldn't convert because the file is corrupted.... v.v
  6. So i think something is off with the original source file. I opened the maya scene and exported the female and male versions without doing a single thing to them and both of their heads and shoulders are always inverted
  7. The animation i’ve come to realize is due to the fact that for that portion, i need Y up and X forward before i begin animating. So one problem solved. Still have to figure out how to stop the model from imploding.
  8. well that kinda leaves me no where left to go. Checking the joint position box is what keeps imploding my mesh. I’m animating in maya, setting keyframes and using the bvh script provided on the SL wiki.
  9. So I went and did just a simple animation and when i brought it in world, nothing changed with the distortion. The bones remained in the standard human position and the animation itself seems to be happening on the wrong axis. So i'm guessing that i need the 'use join position' checked when i import...
  10. So I started playing around some more, I did remove the collision bones and that didn't make a difference. So, i looked at what else i could change that i hadn't tried and the obvious choice.... clicking the 'use joint position' option on the upload. I have been selecting this for every upload and when i didn't, i got exactly what I was expecting. Will this be an issue moving forward or does it simply not matter for this purpose?
  11. Thanks for your earlier advice. I made the changes but It still keeps crumbling in on itself. I'm not sure if there is something that i'm missing prior to binding. I even tested it without moving a single bone from the imported rig and it did the same thing. The steps I took. -create new scene and make Z up -import rig file that is provided from SL wiki -Unbind the female shape and deleting the mesh -import new mesh and scale to size -begin moving joints into position. -Bind skin and export. Is there a specific bone that shouldn't be moved at all? Could it be an issue with my model? I appreciate your help
  12. Thank you so much! Im gonna get right to making those changes. You are awesome!
  13. Hello, So i've got the bento skeleton and my mesh in maya, i've only loosely moved the bones into place and did the binding. Mostly so i dont spend hours only to find out it isn't working because I did a similar thing in the past. With that said, when i go to upload, i see the object one way but when i wear it the mesh crumples in on itself. Pictures below. Not sure what's happening since the joints all seem to be in the right place and displaying properly in the preview upload section. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. i'm not always able to get on sl as often as i like so im looking for a dom. lycan male char thats willing to rp with me though PM's on here while im unable to log on.
  15. Hello, Im a 3d artist by trade and am looking to join up with a group to put my skills to use and start making sl items. I can model and texture. If interested message me in world or send me a pm. Thanks, V
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