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  1. Weeks ago I posted a question about not being able to accept friend requests and them show up as friend off line. My partner and I are still not showing as friends off line and still can't leave Private Messages. This is really AGGRAVATING... Also, any new friend request I have sent or accepted are still having this issue.
  2. Any news of any uppdate on the befriending issue recently? It makes it hard to be partnered and we don't show up on eachother's Dashboard and/or can't leave "private messages" either. Not to even say it's saying "add friend" when we are legally partnered. Is there anything we can do ourselves to help our situation?
  3. Yes, it is happening to me and my partner too. I just posted a few minutes ago!!
  4. Actually my partner and I have sent friend requests and accepted them but we are not friends, but we are partners. So weird! I have never had this happen and neither has he. Please help us!!
  5. I was very sick a few months back and when I returned to SL I found that I had lost all my oufits that I had made and I lost all the lindens in my account. I am not exactly sure how much I had in lindens but I had over 60k in my inventory. Since it has been a while I didn't know if I should even ask but now I can't work and still am lacking much. Thanks
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