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  1. So recently I've opened up a sandbox and I've noticed some strange things concerning lag/region FPS which what some people are doing with their appearances. I don't know if this is a bug, an exploit, or what, but let me try to explain as I'm trying to get a little more information about it and decide on a proper course of action to take when I find people in my sandbox doing this... Appearance Manager -> Loading an entire avatar or outfit at once using Firestorm's appearance manager, depending on the level of detail, alpha layers, and scripted attachments being attached at once can easily drop a region's FPS below >20 which is a conservative number. In many cases it is >10. Why is this a problem? Region FPS differs from your own local FPS and effects everybody inside the region. I have noticed some people switching through avatar appearances every 5 to 10 seconds, what appears like to be just long enough to rez the appearance for them to decide whether they like it or not as they flip into another appearance. So now imagine your sim's FPS wobbling like it's about to crash from just a single avatar doing what they would consider non-malicious behavior just working on their appearance. DEMOS -> Mesh and hair demos also have this severe negative impact on a sim, and I also see people switching between hair demos really really fast to look at them, never realizing how badly it's lagging out everybody else in the region. The problem(s) -> Deciding whether the person is doing it on purpose or not. If it's more then one person, just how many people flipping through avatar appearances is it going to take before the sim craps out and restarts itself? I would think as little as 3 or 4 people heavily modifying their appearances within a couple of seconds time frame could easily take down a region but I am just speculating here I don't know for sure, and I don't really want to test it unless it's really late at night and nobody's in my sim. :) The question -> What is the standard practice for handling such a situation? I don't want to earn an evil reputation for banning people but I'm noticing even if you warn a person they typically don't care, and furthermore I don't speak every language in the world and translators really suck so some people don't even understand my warning. Since my sim is for the community at large I wanted to pose my problem/question here to get a feel for what community reaction is. Thank you for any advice you may offer me. :)
  2. Ah ha! Yes, seems to be something in Firestorm marking it as an infohub. Phoenix marks it as a telehub. Thanks Ry0ta. <EDIT> I guess if I had read your link rather then quickly post it would've told me that! -facepalms- lol.
  3. No it's the sim next to Siba. I just knew there was an infohub on that continant. The sim is called DaeVa Draught and I circled the infohub on the map. That's not the only place I've found non-Linden owned land set to infohubs, they're scattered around here and there if you pay attention to your map often enough you'll see them.
  4. Thanks for the replies. In another thread it says private regions can be setup as infohubs. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Land/Hello-How-do-i-make-my-land-a-quot-Infohub-quot/qaq-p/1149143 But doesn't explain how. <EDIT> So I mean I'm not the only one seeing non-Linden owned land showing up as infohubs, and not the only one trying to figure out how to do it. Again it seems like nobody will answer this question or doesn't know how. Maybe I'll need to just ask the Lindens directly.
  5. Somehow I find it hard to believe when I open my map I see infohubs everywhere. Here's an example of one in a Gorean roleplay environment. Is the sim DaeVa Draught protected linden land in a Gorean roleplay continent? By the way I'm not affiliated with them at all, just a screenshot example. I mean basically I'm just trying to accomplish what they have.
  6. Hi! I own a full prim region and I've made the region group owned land. I'm trying to set it up in a way that would allow people who are not in my land group to be able to set their home location to my sim if they should choose to do so. In the past, I was under the impression that this could be done on sims marked as "infohubs" and from doing a little research on the forums I've seen different answers regarding whether an infohub can be in a private region or not. Some say the land must be owned by Linden Labs while others claim the land can be privately owned. In each of the posts I've read some people have directly asked: How can I set my land to an infohub? The question never seems to be answered, and the only wiki info I can find is about telehubs. If somebody could point me in the right direction either to a proper wiki (about infohubs) or even maybe walk me through the steps here I would greatly appreciate it. My land group is more of a security group, and if at all possible I am trying to avoid putting everybody who needs to set their home locations to my sim within my land group. Any help or suggestions, are appreciated, and thanked! :)
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