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  1. Hey guys! Need a logo? or any other graphic needs? let me know! i am currently looking for new clients What i do: -Logos -Advertisements -Posters -Banners -Blog Graphics -DJ Graphics -Any other graphic needs
  2. thankyou so much! i just logged in now and seen the donation! It's nice to get support!
  3. (Accidently Posted this in the wrong fourm before! woopsie ;3 )  Send All Donations to : Charisma Aries Goal: 50,000 Current Funds: 6,000 How Much More Needed: 44,000 Donations and Support <3: Vecchio Barbosa-2,000 L Hey guys! So i need help, i have an idea- but i need support and funding. So i am making this post to give my idea to the grid. My goal? I am hoping to get donations and support! I want to make a Music Venue, But not any music Venue. I at one time ran this for a short time, but due to lack of funding i wasn't able to keep it going, now i find myself at a moment in time where i can handle it, if i had the support. THE IDEA: The Venue Itself i am looking to put it in a city like scene, The design i am thinking will either be a vintage building, or a old Victorian house - Both these objects i have. I want it to sort of have the feel like a Indie Coffee house you would find on a corner in Seattle, or a old house that was transformed into a hip cool coffee hangout. It won't be flashy, it won't have a giant glamours stage, it won't have 50000 seats. It won't even have crazy strobe lights, Most of the lighting i am visualizing with soothing tea candles and natural lights, maybe a lamp here and there- The Furniture and Design of the inside i am thinking of something like a Boho Hangout / Indie Hangout. That will have awesome Indie music streaming. But what is the main idea of this? I want to show off the creative world in second life, there are so many great artists,musicians, writers-I want to highlight the talent. On the Walls i will Display Art works from In world Artists- Whether it Be Photographers, Fine Arts, Mesh Artists , What have you. They will be able to attach info to their galleries, maybe even sell copies of that art work. I don't want to charge these artists, I am going to offer limited space for free. Another thing i want to do with it, I want to have Musicians who have heart, who play raw and real music, who do it for the love of music, not the ego. I don't want to have the fake "Tribute Bands" who just stream AC/DC and play on a stage dancing around holding electric guitars. I want *real* artists, Real artists who put blood and passion into their work. The feeling of the concert , i am looking for it to be "raw" - No backtracks, no pre-recorded, Live, Acoustic, Music. (Think MTV Unplugged!) Other Events that i am looking for this place to have- if ever created I want to showcase the writers and poets, the lyrical. We also would have live Poetry, Lyrical, Story reading nights, and other events where writers can come together and talk about their works. One idea i also have is open mic nights- where anybody can come on stage- sing,speak, dance. Anything , that way it is open to all types of the arts. If this ever did come to play, One thing i strive on is giving back to the community- I would love to run Music Festivals, Art Festivals, Craft Festivals,where everybody comes together for a cause and the love of things. Most important, I want this to be a Non-Profit Organization- Everything is out of love for the Arts. I will not see a Penny of the L Given from the Venue- Everything will be given back to the venue itself. I am not in this to make money, or be greedy- I am in it for the love. Right now, i am looking for people who wish to contribute to making this vision happen. I need Donations and Support! So far i have about 4K to Put towards this, TBH i am looking to raise about 40-50K as my high goal, that way i can afford the land for a while, and also put the extra into the events. If you would like to help out in donation, i would be grateful! If you wish to participate you can send all donations to CHARISMA ARIES , Or if you don't have money? Just comment on this post! Help spread the word!❥✌♪
  4. I don't know about other places, But trust me- I was involved in the community for around 5 years, and i was a commentator myself. Most companys..in fact all the companys really don't pay there commentators. If you have voice capablity i would just go into DJ'ing if you want to make money.
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