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  1. your children and you look so adorable together id like to im you
  2. im onlne now and im looking for a daughter
  3. i am seeking a girlfreind but am willing to wait and be come freinds at first. a little bit about me, i enjoy country music, boxing, soccer, pro wrestling, crafting things with my hands and exploring sl. edit: i am now in a relationship but you can still im me in world anyways, i like making freinds and meeting new people.
  4. hey kenzie, im looking for a gf in sl, you can im me now if you want in the game
  5. i am a commintator for wrestling shows and i am a freelancer i can be hired for at least 500l a show but i can negotiate a better price is need be for clarification i do allong the same lines of what Zarrakan "camera kitty" yue does but i am a commintator. i can also host and do other voice events as well. im me in world for packages and to possabley hiring me.
  6. im looking for a sister to rp with in the aj detention center
  7. anyone intrested in joining the ajdc as my baby sister who is going to be an inmate? you will need to play a 16 year old if you want older just let me know teen and you can make up your own backstory but it must include a rocky relationship with me and a troubled life. message my in world or reply here thanks
  8. i am also looking for a female slave for gor rp too
  9. have you tried asperiche island? im a merchant there and im sure we could use some farmers and apprentacees
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