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  1. UPDATE: Finally able to start decorating!!! \o/ Lovely apartment with 200 prims a week!!! Now I have a great view and a very generous landlord!! Thank you very much again iamyourneighbor \o/
  2. Hi there again, I started renting one of the apartment 2 days ago unfortunately I wasn't allowed to drop my objects. I clicked for the Caspertlet for the group tag but it isn't giving me the group invite. Since you weren't around I tried getting help but no one is around. Please help asap, I'm itching to decorate the place. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  3. Hi, I'm having the same problem with ckecking out. When I click "Place your order" it directs me to a blank page. Have you resolved this issue? The last time I purchased an item was 2 days ago. Please help me.
  4. False alarm. It's ok now. I think it was the mentainance shi*.
  5. reformatting my computer worked but it started again today. :catsad:
  6. The formatting helped . I don't have antivirus installed so I assumed it had a virus and my brother, who's an IT student agreed. I was planning to reformat it anyways because I have lot of files that can't be open. Btw thanks for the help
  7. Thanks Mr.. Melville, I tried opening my account to another computer and was relieved that i'm able to log in though i tried opening again to my main computer but it's still logging me out, I guess I'll try to reformat my computer since my brother told me it has a virus XO Thanks so much for the help, I'll post the result after reformatting my computer
  8. Thanks Mr. Hermit I'll try that. :cathappy:
  9. “ Darn. You have been logged out of Second Life. This region maybe experiencing trouble. Please check your connection to the Internet.” This message has been popping every time I log in . This started just hours ago, but before that i was always crashing and every time I log in it loads so slow, took me minutes to rezz. I know it's not the Internet connection 'cause mines fast and good. I tried logging in to Furball as i red some of the forrums but nothing is happening :catsad: Will I be able log in again? The forums i red concerns me because I worked hard just to make my avi look beautiful and was earning hard Lindens for her. I'm worried sick right now, she's like my baby!!! Arrgghhh, :matte-motes-crying: Please help me with this. I appreciate (in advance) every suggestions you give.
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