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  1. There can be lag on the sim that the avatar is logged into. Also, It could be that the avatar just loads slower than the other avatar. It is a common problem but it usually is resolved quickly. Sometimes you have to do a character reset to go back to a noob but after that you are set and you can just put on anything that you had on before or whatever. If that still doesn't work then you need to submit a help ticket to tell LL that you avatar takes too long to load or whatever. Hope that helps ^-^
  2. Ah okay. Because all my friends had that problem. So I figured it was an SL problem. Sorry.
  3. Second Life right now is doing that to everybody. I am not sure why it is happening but their servers are not keeping up with the public so there has been many problems just in the last week and it is just getting worse and worse everyday. So hopefully it will be fixed soon but I have no idea because it has been happening all week. Check out the SL Grid Status forum because they have been posting a bunch in there for many maintenance and updates and junk like that.
  4. Wow Sorry never heard of that error before. I guess just send in a case or notice of some sort to Linden Labs to figure all of that out.
  5. Basically what they said. To shorten those answers up, the viewer takes a second to load everything in SL and so some of the objects will seem invisible. If this does happen it is no problem at all so do not worry. This happens with everybody.
  6. I personally use the firestorm viewer and you can set it to where it does not move your arm in that way. But it all depends on your settings and your primary viewer. What viewer do you usually use?
  7. Hello, This is probably a very stupid question but would someone like me be able to be a "help desk" worker for Second Life (Linden Labs) but not be someone listed on the http://lindenlab.com/careers page? That's a little bit confusing. What I am asking is would I be able to be someone who helps people in-game but be working by Linden Labs not having a fancy job like that. -Ralphie
  8. Hello Sean, You clearly are very experianced with scripting and that sort of thing. Since you do know that, you could join scripting groups to help make scripts that run things here in SL. The scripting language for SL (called LSL) is mainly simplar to C scripting language so you will fit in with them. If you find people who like to script like you, then you will be able to fit in with those people. Things that you could do in your freetime is come up with scripts that builders, DJ, hosts, models, or anyone else in SL can use either with experiance or if you are teaching someone indirectly.
  9. You could get a family this way, or you could go to an adotion area if you want to be adopted or adopt. If you do not want to do that, then your best option is getting friends and once you are close enough have them as brothers or sisters or whatever. It's really up to you though. ^-^
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