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  1. Do u have a group that goes along with this game!? The Hyped One, YungSoul
  2. Donnygates. Do you have a group that goes along with your Zombie Vs. Samurai game? If you do I'd like to join. Juss tried it out. It was thaatt Fiire!! This message isn't just for donnygates tho. Does anyone have a Samurai themed group I could join Thanks, YungSoul
  3. I figured out my problem. I had bought land that put me on another tier level by just a little bit. To profit off this land I need to bring in 8.00 a month but I didnt realize I have a whole other 1,500sqm of land to use in this 8.00 tier.
  4. Obviously its not a good deal that attracts renters because I've been trying to rent a 1,300 sqm parcel for 580 a week. So I was wondering other than the classifieds and forums, where can I find renters?
  5. As the amazng Amethyst Jetamine was saying, there are many other great deals out there. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Parcels-for-Rent-Mainland/Beautiful-LUXURY-HOME-with-Customizable-Zen-Garden-Only-L-599-w/td-p/1693269 I came across this land for example that is 1,472 m with a pool, house, tiki bar and jacuzzi going for only 599/w. This type of deal is rare but it goes to show that in a place like Second Life where competition is thick, highly competive pricing and patience are two keys to success.
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