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  1. Business continues to grow at Everlasting and we find ourselves in need of a few more to add to team. We are currently seeking to fill: Servers Photographers Officiants Wedding Coordinators If you want to work a fun and flexible schedule doing something you enjoy doing, this is the place. Stop in and grab an application in the rooms to the left. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Everlasting/140/251/22
  2. Tethered and Bound is a small community of mature, responsible adults who share an interest in BDSM. Private, residential parcels among a beautifully landscaped beach and lush tropical ruins. A hidden BDSM playground is also available for residents and guests interested in exploring a more refined element of D/s.  4096 SQM/1500 L$s per week. Contact Frothy (kallieme) inworld for more information. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tethers%20End/82/180/31
  3. Seeking dedicated loyal Butlers/Footmen. Requiremnts: Excellent communication skills Fluent in English Clean, masculine, adult, refined, human appearance Avatar must be at least 6 months old and be able to navigate SL fairly independently A very respectable dignified demeanor A good understanding of the role of a Butler or Footman, and a willingness to comply with the needs of that role This is a long term position that will require some commitment. The hours will be quite varied and depenedent upon the events scheduled. This is a position that pays well for excellent service. Pleaes con
  4. I've actually considered hiring a male escort a few times. Not to have cartoon sex really, but for an afternoon of exploring, flirting, dancing, etc. The reason being its incredibly easy to find someone...anyone ready to fornicate with you, its much more difficult to find someone willing to relax and enjoy some harmless fun with no expectations. I think part of the reason women seem to be more successful as escorts is because a mans needs aren't as multifaceted as a womans. Thats not an insult, its just an observation. A man doesnt need the same emotional and mental wooing a woman does to f
  5. I need an experienced hostess for a somewhat casual wedding reception on Aug 31st from 12-2pm SLT. Please contact me inworld for further information.
  6. I need to help blending sand and grass textures on a sky platform as well as creating curved lines with those textures. If you can either do it, or are willing to teach me how to do it, please contact me inworld. Willing to pay a fair price for quality work.
  7. Hello... I am nearly a year, would love to be your guinea pig, and my favorite three colors are red, black and teal. Feel free to contact me at your convenience.
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