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  1. Way too low sorry this is a COMPLETE sim and worth so much more than 100k
  2. yes you have roadside and (sort of) linden waters, the parcels are both on slopes and one the larger plot you do have water access to linden waterway, i recon you could maybe, if advertised well enough be getting around its linden value to 10k for the whole place, others will dissagree with me but thats the value i personally believe.
  3. From my experiences G regions are probably the least valued parcels due to the limitations of the parcels, such as no nudity etc like you can get in Adult regions or in secluded areas Moderate regions, depending on the large size of your parcel your talking about (mixing it with a large parcel), i would guess you could try selling it in the 0.8/m2, but really it depends also on the terrain, how easy linden road access is etc, if you I.M me in world or leave a link to the parcel/s in this post I could give my opinion on what its worth and im sure other's will also :smileyhappy:
  4. *UPDATE* Reduced to l$15.000 only 1.8/m2 grab it before its gone!!
  5. Am very interested have I.M'ed in world