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  1. Put simply, I cannot afford an increase from $22.50 to $39.56 (a 50-ish% increase in quarterly plan, and now being hit for VAT), plus the decrease in my currency's value as of late. I can get land and L$ for cheaper, and only paid over the asking rate for both as a security measure to make sure I got someone on a phone line if my account was compromised. This price increase isn't a bitter pill, nor one that will be vomited back up. It's one I simply refuse to take.
  2. I don't have access to change the Windlight settings on the parcel, either through the sim-wide default or through the parcel description. However, I would like to give people the opportunity to swap to another Windlight setting (specifically [NB] Aftermath 0000), through a script, whether through something embedded into an option on a greeter, or a clickable object that would change it for them if it had permission to do so. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to acheive this?
  3. Thanks to both of you. I will follow up on the answers when I get back from work. Anyone else with ideas as well, please put them on here. This topic is anything but closed. :]
  4. So, I've finally gotten to the point where mesh laughs at me and turns me into a male version of Nicki Minaj. My problem is that I'm using a female shape to get the look I was going for, and I've used it since a close friend helped me work it together based on stuff from her male alt. But like I said, with mesh pretty much becoming the standard for clothes that are of any quality in the areas I frequent, I'm now needing to move on to actually getting a male shape. I'll paste a couple of images for what my shape looks like atm. I've seen some shapes that, for some reason, retail at 1000L$, and while I'm not totally against paying that much, I would definitely need a demo to convince me. Oh, and for height reference, I'm just under 7ft tall. Any ideas on where to look?
  5. I finally figured out the name that I used years ago when I first signed on to Second Life. Years later, I come back but unable to tell what the account name was. I make another, and start being invested wholeheartedly. Is there any way I can throw that accounts name (since it has a non-Resident Surname) onto this account permanently?
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