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  1. When I try to login through a new internet connection I setup when I moved in RL I get Login Failed Waiting on Server Response. How can I fix this?
  2. I moved in RL and cant get back on SL. In the move I got new IP address. Offical message Login Faild (waiting for server response.) I feel lost without being on SL anymore. Any tips?
  3. Hey Princess Gata. Sorry to hear you got bullied. I'm letting you know I support SL Kids on here. I enjoy talking to them and just treating them like actual kids. I do think folks need to respect roles people wish to play on here. Wether it is being a kid, furry, or whatever.
  4. I'm looking forward more and more to exploring other cultures on here. Really helps cut down on gas and ticket prices. =D I thought I saw one before but might have not been it. A translator on a viewer that was run for free. I did notice I have a option to buy a translator key on my viewer. Would be smart to shovel extra dollars for a good enough translator dont you agree? I am not about to go back and forth from viewer to browser translating. I crash enough when I listen to my jams.
  5. Wasn't 100% sure where to post this. I came on here to take part in interesting and exciting things. I am most looking forward to taking part in other culture. Latin Culture is something I am wanting to learn about on here. I found some places but want to find more. I'm positive there is a whole lot out there. I just need to make connections with others and find them out. Any suggestions would be welcomed. I love to explore new sims.
  6. Thanks for the tips and suggestions. I am going to try to see what comes up and will post again if I need more guidance.
  7. I'm just asking what I should search. Looking to create a basic chair when you sit down the camera is adjusted on a fixed position and angel. If you tell me how to do this I won't learn. What should I search?
  8. Hey folks I am brand new here on second life and enjoying it. My good friend turned me onto this and told me about how all sorts of things are on here. I am wondering if there is any place that can teach like real world things. I'm looking to learn to how to speak spanish and play guitar. Playing guitar is something I reallly would like to learn how if I can on here. So are there any places on here someone recomends?
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