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  1. Sometimes when I read the forums it really makes me think about whether I'm being realistic in my views. I think SL is SL and can stay there but in order to have a true deep relationship RL things like age, what you do things like that need to be shared. My thinking is because you do feel connected to that person in real ways and want to be as close with them as you can without physically being there. But the key is each situation is different. Take your time with people and let them earn enough trust for your to feel comfortable with them. Test them over time. There are those who can be trusted with everything then those who are just after drama. Time reveals all those things.
  2. I have a friend who is great. Just drop me a line with details and I'll set it up.
  3. Happy New Years SL! Hope 2013 is amazing for u all!
  4. My issue is that sometimes I want to ask RL friends for advice on SL relationships and vice versa. But RL friends look at me like I'm crazy when I bring up this "game". Don't know how to deal with that so I keep them seperate.
  5. The thing I see here is that some ppl have had such bad experiences with come lines that they dare jaded when someone approaches them just to have conversation. I feel like you hthrough break down a wall just to start the convo and by then I'm like if it is this hard to say hello what kind of friend would they make anyway?
  6. To each their own. For me I am me in both worlds and the only thing I don't like is people who are being dishonest...meeting a girl and finding out it's a guy that sort of thing. just be honest. If RL comes up cool if not cool. Each relationship is it's own. Have fun!
  7. I'm me as well. My clan is growing and solid.
  8. Thought I would come in play this "game" without becoming involved to deeply at all. Now I met someone and it scares the hell out of me. Am I really feeling things? What if she is so not my type in RL? Does it matter if I keep it in SL? Should I even ask what she really looks like? I know I love her personality and that is what matters most. But so many thoughts and questions run through my head. Missing her a lot. This is a crazy "game" for sure...
  9. In my first week in SL I was trying to meet people. I went and watched ad ad a decent conversation with a nice lady. When I tipped her it said you sent monTy to Barry something. I felt tricked and betrayed. Be honest is all I say... No problem with the check..
  10. Love to dance to! People do a lot ofstanding around even at cool dance spots don't get it..... Maybe this list will get me new dance partners as well!
  11. I barley remember the day it was let alone what I was wearing lol!
  12. Really sorry to hear about this. I hope time and good memories help get you through. The more I am involved in Sl and the forums the more I realize that this is so much more than the game I thought I signed up for..
  13. How many people have lovers in SL and in RL? Is that the norm or is it frowned upon? Just curious.. Saw it on show called my strange addictions...
  14. The thing I like about SL is that I get to know theperson on the inside... Saying that I do know that people create whole new personas in SL. But for me I really try to represent who I am with a few tweaks. Longer hair clothes I would like to but can't wear in RL. Not wear because of what I do for a living. I hope that when I meet a nice lady that it is a lady in RL! I want to build new friendships that have trust and knowing that they are really representing themselvnot would help that grow... Just my take.
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