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  1. Hey looking for well expirienced photographer who can shoot nudes
  2. Hello, I have 8 inworld shops available for rent at club Indian Soul. Each will be 100L a week for 100prims. It is a great place to have an inworld shop because the traffic will be generated by the club and you will get regular visitors. If you are interested please contact me inworld, with both a notecard and an im to make sure I get your request. And please make sure you remember to put your name on the notecard. Thank you very much. -Alexa87j
  3. Hello, I am a manager at club Indian Soul, I am trying to get this club up and running. I am in need of a few assistant managers. The spots im looking for are Host, Dj, and Shift managers if you are interested please, please, please send me a notecard inworl with your name on it saying what you are interested in, and also send me a quick im, and i will schedule you an interview as soon as possible. Thanks- Alexa87j
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