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  1. USP Orache is a 3 Story, 280 bed, maxiumum federal prison for female offenders. We are currently hiring Correctional Officers for the faciltiy. Correctional duties include. - Ensuring that offenders follow all rules and procedures. - Ensuring daily schedule is followed. - Use computer terminal as needed to access and input information into the database. - Ensure the safety and security of the institution, prevent escapes, and manage disruptive offenders. We are looking for roleplayers of all skill levels, if you are interested contact Officer Farshore in world, and we will get you all set up.
  2. Not sure what the malfunction is with Linden Labs, ive seen several of these complaints lately, but yet I got a premium home just last week, who knows, maybe I got the last one!
  3. I actually work at a SL Juvenile Detention Center that is a realistic RP prison, I also have worked at several other realistic RP facilities in SL, If you want a realistic RP prison (like you described, minus dom/sexual RP), here are a couple - Hanzai Correctional Institution (Search Hanzai) - The Rock (search The Rock) - Girls School Detention Center (Search Detention Center or SLGS) - Juvenile Detention Center These facilities are realistc rp (cuffs, cells, uniforms, etc) but do not, under any circumstances, allow sexual contact between prisoners/staffs, there may be some that allow flirting, for the exception of Girls school, which, because the residents roleplay as juveniles, No sexual contact of any kind, flirting/kissing/sexual is allowed under any circumstances (that would be kinda sick) Not too familiar of the facilities that are of a DOM/Sexual nature, as I do not prefer those, but have heard of some facilties from other guards and prisoners, those would be - Pandora's Box Prison - Black Gazza - Whatever others pop up in search Hope I could have been of help to you IM me if you have any other questions
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