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  1. I have a question about the beta testing grid? I changed my password and ever since i did, I can't put on alpha's or anything anymore. I changed my password cuz I needed my inventory updated, it did update my inventory but I can't put on alpha's or change my shape or anything.
  2. I keep getting this high tricount warning after exporting my model as avastar DAE. Why is this? There's only 23k triangles why is it saying it's a high tricount? how can i remove this tricount warning? I get this warning after merging 2 of my objects together. why is that? am i merging them incorrectly?  The triangle count has a green check mark when I select one of the objects.  then when I merge the 2 objects together, the triangle count doesn't have a green check mark anymore, it has a warning symbol. Why is this? I merge the objects by using CTRL+J
  3. How can I edit my mesh while moving around the bones too? Every time I try to move my avastar skeleton to a new position and try to edit the mesh, the mesh goes back to default. I know there's a way to edit the mesh while it's moving along with the bones but I can't remember how, I did it once but it was by accident.
  4. I really want to make mesh clothing for mesh bodies but they're not giving out dev kits anymore :( how can I make clothes that will fit without the dev kits? can I find base models, collada files anywhereon the internet that'll let me make these mesh clothing?
  5. I've been having a problem. I want to change my default avastar shape to this, so that whenever I try to turn my mesh into a fitted mesh it will automatically go back to this shape.  Instead of going back to this shape and fitting this body, it goes back to the default avastar shape. After I click this button to turn my mesh into a fitted mesh the avastar body goes back to default This picture is after clicking the "fully fitted" button, see. The avastar shape went back to default shape but I wanted it to stay at the custom shape that I had set. Is there anyway I can set my custom shape as the default shape? so that whenever I click that "fully fitted" button it will stay at my custom shape? I hope someone understands me, i tried to explain it as clear as i can
  6. Also how do I make clothes for mesh bodies like Isis, freya, etc? Where do i get the mesh bodies to model my clothes on?
  7. How come my fitted mesh clothing inworld looks different than my classic meshes? For example my classic meshes inworld would fit perfectly around my body, but the fitted mesh clothing would look like it's 2 sizes smaller than it actually is? Also what should I use as a canvas to start modeling my fitted meshes? For example with classic meshes there are the sizes XXS-L mesh bodies that you can download from mp to use as a canvas to shape your 3D clothing around. What i'm asking is, do I use the same bodies? or.. do I use the default avastar body? I'm sorry i'm so new to fitted mesh and i'm so confused as to how to start out. I modeled around the classic XXS-L mesh bodies but then when I tried to rig it as fitted mesh, it looks 2 sizes smaller. Like lets say I modeled a dress around a size XXS body but then after rigging it as fitted, and uploading it inworld the dress looks like it's about XXXS instead. Idk if i'm explaining it correctly, this is the only way I know how to word it D:
  8. I need help changing the rest pose in blender? I changed the pose to the pose I wanted and then went to Pose>apply>set rest pose but when I change the rest pose my character that was rigged with skeleton goes back to the t-pose? how can I make my character rest the same way as my skeleton? please help!
  9. like below the breast the circular part around the breasts, how can I make this? I tried to use the knife tool and then tried to extrude it but it's not round... I need a round tool like the pen tool in photoshop. Is there anything like that in blender? please help! I know how to make the straight line details but not the round ones.
  10. Thank you so much for really helping me out! that helped a bit thank you!
  11. Ok I know what a smooth shading is, i'm not even asking for that. Nevermind anymore. I don't need anymore help.
  12. Ok people... I am asking for help -___- And so far i'm not seeing any help, if you read my question right I'm asking for help so I don't have to use so many tri's. I can' t 'rethink" my process if I don't know any other way. THATS WHY I'M ASKING A QUESTION.
  13. Everytime I try to make wrinkels my wrinkles are all jagged and ugly, i have subdivided like 4 times and my triangle count is already at 80,000 I don't understand what I'm doing wrong, I see other people make wrinkles and it's all smooth and pretty. Also when I see their mesh their triangle count is so low but their mesh is so smooth and looks so high quality without so many polygons. How can I do that?
  14. everytime I try to upload my mesh with the subdivide modifier I get this error? how come? I tried to apply it before exporting it and it still didn't work... it uploads fine without the modifier... I've been trying to figure this out for 2 days now I need help :( I have no materials or anything so Idk what could be the problem.... How can I upload my mesh with the modifier without getting the error?
  15. I've been wondering how can I get people to review my items? I barely get any reviews >_< Is there any way I can get more people to review my items?
  16. It has been almost a month and the money I cashed out last month has not came to my paypal account yet. Why? It's never taken this long before it usually takes only about 4 days, but this is A MONTH. LIterally, i'm not even joking. I cashed out on the 14th of july and it is now august 12th. What's wrong?
  17. It has been almost a month and the money I cashed out last month has not came to my paypal account yet. Why? It's never taken this long before it usually takes only about 4 days, but this is A MONTH. LIterally, i'm not even joking. I cashed out on the 14th of july and it is now august 12th. What's wrong?
  18. No.... my bones are blue because it is in pose mode, and my mesh is grey because it's not in weight paint mode its in object mode.... and yes i have sucessfully rigged a mesh and uploaded a mesh on sl before just not with other things attached to it, and 1st I tried joining then trying to rig with automatic weights but that didn't work so then i tried to rig everything with automatic weights and then joined but the only thing that moved is the shorts not the details.... and that picture shows that when i try to move a bone the only thing that moves is the shorts, not the other mesh, even tho the other mesh was rigged with automatic weights also. I don't know how that doesn't compare to what I was saying..... My shorts move with the bones but my other meshes don't, but nvm... i think i found out the reason why.
  19. No I didn't get any error when trying to rig it, and I tried to rig the submeshes seperatly and then join with my main mesh and it still won't work even if i didn't even join with my main mesh yet. for exmaple in the picture the little thing above the pants is automatically rigged but not yet joined with the pants, but it still will not move with the rig what so ever. It just stays in one spot even tho i've already rigged it. Why is this happening? I hope you understand my question >_< I just want my submeshes to move along with my rig and my pants >_<
  20. No that still didn't work.... >_< no matter way I join the meshes it still won't work. I try to join the object to the main and still won't work and the main to the object and nope. The object just won't rig!
  21. I have a pair of shorts and I made pockets, belt holes, button, etc. and joined it with my pants and then when I try to attach to parent with automatic weights the only thing that has weights on it, is my pants, my pockets and everything else is just there and it ruins everything. Why is this?:(
  22. No it's just made with blender I don't use marvelous designer anymore.
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