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  1. Haha yes this is another annoying feature on LL viewer. Your group chats keeps spamming you and you can't do nothing about it (than leave from the group). I wish they will fix this and also get rid of web profiles. Then I would be happy with LL viewer.
  2. I agree with Sabina. Web profiles are totally bad! They could be an additional page, but as first one and only one on LL viewer... grr.... its so bad. Theyt are always slow, they giving out errors like this. It gets very annoying.
  3. You are not only one who's profiles does not work well. I wonder how long it takes when they realize that webprofiles were a big mistake! They are slow, they don't show and they giving out errors sometimes. Perhaps webprofiles work great when you live in US, but for others... grrrr. Its all very annoying when you try to see who you are talking with. I guess it would not take much to put old profiles back and keep webprofiles as additional option.
  4. I use Linden Lab SL viewer, but I dislike it because 2 big reasons: 1) Web profiles. Those suck! Like now... when I'm writing this... they dont work at all. Only white screen and error message. This happens too often. And they are very slow. They should be an alternate way to check profiles and we need old profiles back like they are in Firestorm viewer. 2) I need an option for disable all annoying group chats. In Firestorm we have that option. Radar would be also good option for LL viewer, but its not necessary for me. I would like use Firestorm instead LL viewer, but I have some bad graphic issues with it. And somehow I still like LL viewer anyway.
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