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  1. Alright so I was looking through some VCO things on Marketplace to see if I could find out what skins are available and what bodies they may fit. I found this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VCO-Benny-Skin-FULLPERM/8405917 Do people normally sell things like this? Is it stolen? If it's not stolen and legit... How would I transfer it to a mesh body?
  2. Sounds good I would love to!
  3. Okay so, I noticed SMB doesn't have a lot of clothes meshes, and practically nothing available for Full Perm use. I had hoped contacting the creator would help, but they did not respond. (seem to not have been on in a long time) Is there something I would need to obtain? What do I need to work with the body on Blender for example? I have seen others with meshes for it, but unsure how.
  4. So I recently came into the SMB world, but haven't met a lot of people who are also SMB. I would love to make more friends that are. :D SMB (Small Mesh Body, by Super Mesh Bros)
  5. I noticed that we receive ranks basedon our posts and active part in the community here. I read the provided ranks description, but the sub-ranks are not provided there. Are they listed elsewhere, or can anyone describe this?
  6. To answer, Mesh bodys, and there are many out there, are not "needed." I have several, such as SMB, Slink, Toddleedoo, and Tweeneedoo. Mesh bodies, depending on the body come with skins that you can select directly from a hud that comes with it. You can also buy skins to apply to the bodies as well. In order to wear a skintight clothing item with a mesh body, the item must come in an applier form. "Slink applier for Slink. Toddleedoo applier for Toddleedoo. etc.." On the other hand their is an Omega hud 99L, which many creators use that you can buy directly for your mesh body in the case
  7. looking for updated halloween music streams everything thus far has turned into not working and or something other than listed
  8. I got a Pro-Gaming headset "Kotion Each G2000" I have sound just fine with it on SL, however I try to voice and no one can hear me. I checked my firewalls and updated them, but it didn't change it either...
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