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  1. Looking for some Dragonslayer roleplayers who can chase down and threaten my dragon character to the point where her allies will have to save her in some cool way, IM me (Aquadragon.Larsen)
  2. Yeah thats the problem you need to gain hype and income from others to keep it going When your done with making your moonpool I'd love to see it in-world and if no you must show some pictures if you can
  3. Iam a big fan of Mako Mermaids & the new series of Thunderbirds also don't know if any of you remember back in the 1990's the first cgi series called 'Reboot' I wonder why no one has even thought of making a Mako Island for H20 fans to RP mermaids and ive always dreamed of their being a sim of reboots land of Mainframe and i always thought it would be epic flying out of tracy island on thunderbird 1 out of the secret hole under the swimming pool in full detailed mesh glory! Another thing ive dreamed is someone making Jurrasic park into a sim perfect to the first movie where wanders nowhere
  4. yeah there were only 3 dragons in the books but there were loads of dragons in the past back to the really massive ones and surely your not stone set playing out the whole books there are folks who make their own characters their own stories into the land of westeros imersive stories with so much potential for enjoyment, rules can be bent, they have magic, giants, direwolves & friggen mammoths surely anything is possible and things are not limited to just those 3 dragons!?
  5. Because my mother monitors my bank account geez Iam 24, but currency cards bought when Iam out with friends would be the only sure way for me to get lindens :(
  6. well if anyone's able to afford to get all those transform animations from that website I just mentioned and send them to me I'd would be greatly appreciated unless someone is able to make one
  7. also looking for a transformation animation I checked out that guy Kabuki Ewing 's place but no nothing is suitable and half his stuff you can't read coz it's all in friggen Japanese >.< I found this website and these animations can be added to SL but unfortunately you have to spend money to get them this animation is 1 of 4 transform animations I found http://www.animstreet.com/animations/17316
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