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  1. Is this problem actually over yet, given its apparent severity it would be nice if LL had the consideration to post the promised all clear when it is, but as usual communiction is not LL's strong point
  2. Thanks Oskar with luck some of this will solve some of the lag and login problems that are driving people out of sl in droves.
  3. Nat this lag today and yesterday has been pretty universal, though as you say some areas are not as bad as others. Still overall they are bad and the core of the lag appears to be in lag between commands and their execution, which really is a problem in SL and not in the net. This problem has been building for awhile and seemed to peak this weekend and was accompanied by increasingly difficult logins and sudden and unexpected crashes. At this point it is making business all but impossible, and really needs to be addressed by LL and not swept under the rug as is apparently being done.
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