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  1. wolfiedog wrote: i have reason to belive he might have been banned As he is still in search - not perma-banned. When the lab execute someone like that, they dissapear from search.
  2. I have L$ 42,000. I am sending you L$69 more Linden so that you can actually have a nice round US$170.
  3. Personally I would not be trusting this. 1. It's a wordpress site, not an actual official company site with address and contact details, bushiness registration and so on. 2. Sony now own the patents that allow people to run a game on a cloud server and send the screen remotely. Has this person purchased a right to said patent. 3. It looks like it will run in your browser as a plugin, this can cause all sorts of technical issues and extra resource use. 4. You will be giving them your name and password. With all the hacks about and people losing control of their account do you really wish to
  4. I concur it seems a little better. Might be in our minds though. Some mesh and rebaked skin after mesh is removed are the issue I still see - but at leasta lot of the world is rezzing. On the skin, on a bad night, I can be fully rezzed, someone removes a mesh TShirt and their skin blacklists due to timeout. I am positive I've seen those come from bake directly and not asset-cdn though. To me those tracerts look good. Especially when you consider timeouts from Australia hit 3000ms+ and we still load. The common thing we seem to be seeing is a timeout reached. I see it in V3, I see it in
  5. Vulpinus wrote: On average they seem to have ten to twelve scripts and run between 0.015ms and 0.025ms idle time. 5ms recommended time. 15ms about average. 22.2ms maximum time (leaving nothing else) 5000/15 = 333 sex beds per region and you are only running to the recommended time. 15000/15 = 1000 sex beds per sim. Even an adult region won't have this surely?
  6. Urzul wrote: i want to ask every one reading this post to say how many language they know : English is my native language and what I am most comfortable speaking. Je comprends un peu le francais, Je peux me faire comprendre, je espere. I am also learning Japanese, but it's slow progress. One of the best things about SL is how it brings us all together. Aussie, Dutch, German, French, Japanese - all in the one place and trying to be friendly and understand as much as we can. (( Some people are hostile to non-English language though. This forum software returns the error: "The mess
  7. it's certainly an "interesting" move by Sony. Only a few weeks ago they offloaded Sony Online Entertainment to Daybreak, another company, leaving just the Playstation Division doing games. It's clear they don't want this for their own games any more - they simply don't need it. So, what patent did this company hold that Sony thought was strategic enough to spend the money to buy? Maybe it's to do with how their phones can become a screen for the playstation? Either way, my kudos to the devs at Firestorm who spend so much time and effort to create a tie in, to have the rug pulled from und
  8. Resepctfully Monty, and please understand I worked for 5 to 8 hours every single day testing curl with Aleric for at least 6 weeks before, during and after the CDN rollout.... I might not be at your or his levels, as I saw your clear skill in the Curl mailing lists... you both leave me for dead; but I'm not exactly a slouch. There is a clear, worldwide issue where peak times for your ISP will see the CDN time out. It has been happening with me since you went live, with generic repository libcurl or even with a special system including Aleric's maillist patches to libcurl and my developer buil
  9. It's been pretty bad. Especially from Australia. It lasts 24 hours a day, not just in the USA peak time. Yet talking to friends in Europe they dont see it. Lots of timeouts. Lots of mesh that is blacklisted and won't appear until a relog. I also see in my logs many many many missing textures. Dropping my bandwidth and draw distance has helped a little, it might be positive bias but using the Ctrl-Shift-3 to open up the texture console will "snap" the textures and mesh properly.
  10. As a person with mental illness it concerns me that people would want to actually roleplay this. Sure, whatever floats your boat, but the distress and pain one puts up on a daily basis for years, decades, your entire lifetime is one so extreme and debilitating that I can't imagine "normals" would want to pretend to have it. But I guess, like the rape sims, it takes something that is painful, scary, life destroying and glorifies it.
  11. Ayesha Askham wrote: I just wonder, in the uninformed way I sometime do, if this reliance now on http traffic vs udp, could be at the heart of our recent grey episodes? If you know better I am glad to stand corrrected, but please be clear...I am not using this thread to bash LL for anything. I just want to try to understand what has been happeneing since there appears to have been no "official" word about these problems. Not so much http faulty over UDP, but pipelining. In particular a few bugs in libcurl made worse by recent CDN issues - BUT bugs never-the-less. I have been pre-alpha
  12. The bottleneck in SL is the internet, not the disks. Hopefully the CDN changes being tested now will make a big improvement to people - especially people who are not in the USA. Recent testing I was doing showed my assets were only 22ms away instead of 300ms. Additionally my entire ADSL link was used instead of only part of it - as happens when you share the connection with others in the sim.
  13. Sailing Spend Lindens Learning Go (Japanese Chess) Spend Lindens Scripting Spend Lindens Learning Blender Spend Lindens Exploring and taking photos Spend Lindens Roleplay Spend Lindens Spending Lindens Spend Lindens
  14. Aliyah Piers wrote: /// After their Parents Died in a Horrible Storm that Swept over Once things was never the same Between the Two Princess of the Land not able to Set aside Their Troubles they parted ways. Princess Iraj never recovering emotionally from the death of her Parents the King and Queen of their Realm turn against Nature. With so much Hate in her Heart she begin to walk into the dark as her heart turns black. While her Sister Princess Liah stay True to her Love for the land They soon became Enemies and the Battle Between Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Heros and Dark Ones Begu
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