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  1. @Resi Pfeffer: "State of the art mesh head: 5K LindensKnowledge about CT8 and mexicans: priceless " What you say is very true, but attuned to the MMO game playing participants on SL. I'm shifting the paradigm to mass-produceable face-fitted heads on CLASSIC avi bodies on the Dating SIM. That's all. I seriously doubt if Plain-Janes or aged grannies/grandpas would ever want to use mass produced photorealism on their avis for playing on SL MMO Sims. (However, they could use someone else's photo for this and still be able to attract attention.)
  2. @Syo Emerald: "And how do you plan to eliminate that problem in your SL sim?" Simple enough. Shady MMO players have limited resources and are invariably looking for ways to scam other players. A stiff recurring Membership Fee will limit the SIM visitors EXCLUSIVELY to people having good well-paying jobs and the willingness to spend on their dates. Amen! SIM organised meet-ups will additionally eliminate "jail-birds" and "married-but-looking" etc.
  3. @Bitsy Buccaneer: What you say is very true, if we stay affixed on the MMO paradigm. However, the goal of a Dating SIM that is to mimic the environment set by Zoosk, Match, eHarmony etc, the paradigm will be different: 1) Join the SIM to look for a date. 2) Replicate your facial and general body features into a CLASSIC 3D avatar. 3) Participate in the SIM's activities AND being just yourself (i.e. project your own charisma) to look for a date. 4) During the SIM organized meet-ups there will be no surprises shown between you and your selected date. Life will have a happy-ending thereafter. ?
  4. @Callum Meriman " More like 8-12 weeks each (so about US$7,000-ish per head as a guide)." CT8 automates the process of face-fitting to 1/2 hour per head and Mexicans charge US$33 per day. It's a global economy these days love....
  5. For those of you who just might be interested (or curious) please watch this link to see how close CrazyTalk8 performs a 3D rendition of a mug shot in 19.38 minutes: So let's say we give the Application Operators (the people who would convert 2D photos to 3D animated faces) 20 minutes to do their stuff per face. Then the faces would be batched to another group of operators who would take the faces and import them into Blender (in order to fit on SL avis) within another 10 minutes__ expending 30 minutes per face. Therefore it is conceivable to receive 16 photorealistic avi heads per day using the talents of 2 Application Operators. To keep the production costs reasonably low, these operators cannot be US or Canada based. In Guadalajara Mexico, the going rate of compensation for experienced Computer Scientists is around 20.000 Pesos/month, i.e. $33.30 US /day. Therefore, 16 face could be generated within $66.66 (deploying 2 Operators), resulting in $4.17 per photorealistic head. Am I missing some other factor folks?
  6. Whoa! First off let me thank everyone for their critique of my idea. All I wanna do is to build something like Zoosk, E-Harmony, Match etc. on Second Life. I've been on SL long enough to realize you do find the 11-11 connection with some people here. Only problem is that many a time the 11-11 factor gets suppressed (but doesn't disappear) when face2face meetings take place or actual photos are exchanged. I do know that SL was built on ANONYMITY. While that may be just great for a MMO game, it does pose a problem in simulating a dating environment here on SL. For all you know that suave avatar you befriend on SL could in actuality be login while serving time in a prison. (Yes, access to PC is now a part of inmate rehab program). Zoosk and Match both charge $30/month (payable in 3 month lump-sum) while eHarmony charges much more. Needless to say all 3 are thriving businesses. Ergo, a market definitely exists for a Dating SIM that provides IM, eMail, dancing, great sex and charges only L$1,250 or $5US per month. Zoosk etc require verifiable photos of their members. Similarly, a photorealistic "classic" head would be a necessary and sufficient requirement on the SM SIM. One needn't drive a Lamborghini to go shop at Walmart. While some Bento heads can be true works of art, they are great tools for embellishing one's looks and are intended to attract MMO playmates. Go take a look at the member photos on Zoosk etc. There are just as many "plain Janes" in their collection as is the "gorgeous babes". There's a date-bait out there for everyone willing to shell out their Membership Dues! ?
  7. @lavalois: Just as it is in RL, my SIM will provide an environment for mind-chemistry to interplay with physical looks. Ergo, the handsome male get's the pretty female; ugly males get ugly females. There is a mate for every soul out there!
  8. Thanks for figuring it out. Can an experienced person complete the task upon receiving client photos, say within a 1/2 hour?
  9. Could a SL sculptor please tell me how I can import a photorealistic head generated on CrazyTalk8 to work with any SL avatar. I want to start a dating SIM where only photorealistic avatars would be allowed entry. Thanks.
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