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  1. Hi! Welcome back! Feel free to message my inworld, me and my friends are always looking forward to meet new people! Hope to talk to you soon! Ximi Zuta
  2. Hi there!! Welcome back Same happened to me, so, also looking for friends I won't be online till later, but send me an im inworld and I'll answer you as soon as I can!! Hope to hear from you! Ximi Zuta
  3. Hi! I'm looking for an high-quality appartment, house or skybox, preferably not furnished. I could also go for a sky platform or small island. I'm willing to spend around 1000L/week. If you have anything like this, please let me know!! Thanks! Edit: Already found one, thanks to everybody who helped me!
  4. Hi!! Feel free to drop me an IM online I'm looking for having a group of friends to do some wandering around, going to live concerts and basically just have fun!! Let's get together some time!! Hope to talk to you soon! Ximi Zuta
  5. Hi! Do you have a roomate already? I am also looking for a roomate so if you are still interested or if you know anyone, just contact me inworld please Thanks!
  6. Hi all!! So I've away for quite some time and now I'm trying to come back to SL but everything seems to be different... I don't know anybody and I don't have a place or can afford one on my own... Anybody interested in hanging out and maybe share a small place with me? Have a spare room in your house where I can crash (shared expenses, of course!)? :D Just contact me, pleeaasee! I love wondering around, discovering new places and most of all going to live concerts :) A little more about me: 25, female, GMT timezone. Just drop me an IM, message, notecard, whatever.. Thanks you!! xoxo Ximi Zuta
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