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  1. Kmere: need some guy friends to round out our group of girls Betty Briand: need group-material .. hot! guys .. or willing to spent to be hot lol .. and good on the snuggles after a hard night of partying ;p Kmere: exactly Kmere: go ahead and post it! Betty Briand: hahahah Betty Briand: kk LOL!!! Kmere: yay! seriously tho, if you wanna chill and have fun with us, just IM :) signed by betty and kmere and prolly ximi and avo haha
  2. Hiii ..you, and you.. and you over there! I am Betty, looking for some people to hang out with like now! If you are bored also, IM me, let*s meet up for whatever! Hope to meet you, offer ends at 6pm sl time today !! (lol)
  3. Now, for my true purpose of posting this... What are your own opinions on Polygamy and Polyandry? Taboo for you or not? Well I guess it is a culture thing .. not living on the right continent for that ;p I can only comment on the whole cheating thing .. if .. noone gets pregnant, catches anything or falls in love while doing so .. and well never tells, I guess it's alright <3
  4. oh right .. well .. doesnt look like the dappyy knows what she is promoting there for real... if he/she had her teeth kicked in before, he/she wouldnt cry about a sl friendszone guy not loggin anymore .. i wouldnt take that statement too seriously .. well gosh.. i hear you tho, seems like someone needs to grow up
  5. You just need to find something else or some other people to focus on. And mute him .. in case he comes back, well, again. Or just, delete your account and make a new one. Then you cannot trick yourself checking if he does return.. You can justify it all you want, telling yourself you caused this by putting him in the friendszone and what not you think you may have done wrong .. if he would feel the same .. he would be there, hunting you down well in a nice way .. Move on, time heals all wounds, well not all but yours in not in that category... Just.. you know, what I think
  6. EvaFord wrote: There is a DJ in SL who uses an Alt as his Hostess/Partner. He claims "She" is voice verified implying that this ALT is female. He even made a fake first life profile with a fake photo of this ALT Partner. I find this unethical. Guests are being asked to Tip the DJ's Alt. I see it as a Scam. Since this is a Public figure in SL. Someone asking you for L$, is it ok to post information about this in your profile? I feel that people who ask to be compensated in SL, need to be required to be honest as to where that money is going. Public Figures should be exempt from some
  7. no need to bribe.. flagged reviews that deserve to be removed, will get removed
  8. I saw it being discussed here before.. think it was said that the whole thing is within tos. I am not sure if the ratings are part of the best selling math thing, if they are, it should not be allowed
  9. yeh it happens manually, usually to me when pressing the buy option .. then thinking nah, hitting back button n all ..than a few days later buying something for real and checking out so quick, seeing that old item there in the cart too late .. if it was the same item, shooting the seller an IM doesnt hurt.. refunding is in order, especially if it is a copy item. no matter what you experience, never stop to give refunds yourself, it is the right thing to do, mhm
  10. well yea, we can all express our feelings, just not acting like *we can all express our feelings* and then call it someone else rude when they *express their feelings* there is a lil female puppy in all of us but you do have to admit to your own puppy when calling soemone elses ;p well i think, anyway i dont really care, was just fun to call you on it, have a great night ;p
  11. you would have left it from the start if you were true to the live and let live thing ;p you cant just pull it whenever you please
  12. so not living with someone not living it is different?
  13. the thing you are forgetting with that *live and let live* attitude is that you are not letting the op livin it
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