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  1. I like this bright stars idea--if implemented just be sure the default setting is very low on the scale. Agree with above comments, the latest changes messed up shadows again and made too dark. Light sources properly light the avis, but in shadows the shirt and pants/skirt; have different lighting and so appear the wrong colors. The previous EEP was really looking very good to me.
  2. Yes I found that, thank you. And now I know how to share it for others, but it seems a bit convoluted to have to go through all those steps just to see the nice lighting. Why not put it on the standard Linden viewer? So, I take it that I got the EEP viewer as an update because I was a parcel owner?
  3. I am confused about how the now not so new Shared Environment is supposed to work on the Linden Viewer. I had it on my two computers with Linden Viewers, but found out others cannot access the 'Use Shared Environment', only have 'Use Region Settings'. Then, when I had to reinstall on one computer, this Linden viewer just downloaded has only the 'Use Region Environment' choice, and I do not see how to change to allow use of shared environment? On my parcel, I have already put in the multiple altitude settings and changed the day/night cycle using the Environment controls on About Land (which of course now cannot be accessed on the computer I just reinstalled the Linden Viewer). So, my main question is, how to get the Linden Viewer which has the 'Use Shared Environment capability (since I have no idea how I got it in the first place, it just appeared!).
  4. I noticed this issue was posted a year ago, but now I see the problem with the lack of a 'more' button on my profile feed pictures. The 'more' button shows up on the 'Home' tab, but not on my profile feed, or on other ones I checked. Is this a problem which is coming and going from time to time? I see in an answer there is a limit of 1000 pictures in a feed, I have quite a few but nowhere near 1000. Also, when I select only 'Snapshots' instead of the 'All' hyperlinks, a couple more of my pictures show, as some other comments no longer show. So it appears my pictures are still there, just no way to see them. This is an important issue as my profile feed is part of my roleplay storyline in sl. If people are unable to see my past pictures, they do not have access to my past storylines. So, how can we maintain access to the older profile feed snapshots?
  5. I even tried redownloading. It stops at the 'VFS' part and just hangs, I notice the 'Loading Textures' is passing by much faster than it used to. It was working up until an hour or so ago. Running Windows XP, never had any real problems until tonight.
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