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  1. Forget it - just realised - I can do it thru my profile!
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    Can somebody please remind me how to change my display name? Ty
  3. Good to hear that it has been resolved now - but I guess that doesn't apply with the MAC version? I still get the problem. Hopefully they will updater the Singularity MAC viewer soon too. Thanks for the rest tip anyhow!
  4. I have acceptable speeds with local UK servers (6+Mbps with good ping) but awful ones with the 3 SL US servers (<2Mbps with long pings). That must explain why my avatar never gets beyond a cloud and I can rarely even move! This has happened over the last 2 weeks and does not allow me to use SL at all! I have no problems with other PC apps and I have tried everything, including a clean viewer install. Help! ***** OK - Thanks. I have a Dell XPS1530 with 4GB RAM (1.7GB available) with 2.10GHz processor, running Vista. I use it wirelessly and can try direct (a pain with a laptop) but doesn't answer the question why it has only recently happened. My overall speedtest results have not changed but my SL connection has. The symptoms only seem to happen in the mornings UK time; they are: Very slow rezzing and got worse - now seem to be stuck as cloud.Often cannot move even when rezzed, with very slow chat responses / profile info / inventory loading etc.I have cleared the cache, done a clean install of Singularity, having deleted SL2 and Phoenix, disconnected and re-connected my router. My fingers are worn out with rebaking textures and character tests. No change! Something has happened recently that has effectively locked me out of SL. I log off - it isn't worth trying to rp. I live in the UK. It happens every day - including weekends. On speedtest, I regularly get a ping of maybe 50/60 and a download speed of 5-7 on a local UK server (I live in the country!). But that should be enough - and it doesn't change much during the day. It doesn't seem to be my PC - I don't have the problem if I am in London - it works fine there. And I don't have the same problem with, say, YouTube. And I've just installed a new hard drive and it hasn't made any difference. It isn't my viewer - I still get the same problem with SL2 and Phoenix. It isn't my connection - I have a new router (the problem happens on both old and new), and I have tried wireless and ethernet. It may be my old rural unbundled telephone exchange - or it may be the SL servers. I gather there are only a few servers that SL use and they are in the USA. My Speedtest performance to Phoenix or Houston is poor. I am not technical, but is there anything I can do? If it is the GC, why is it OK in the mornings?
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