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  1. I am curious, I have played the old games, and recenty had the pleasure of playing the new "SKILL" games. I am a bit shocked as the rules that do not apply to operators. My question is, will lindens labs hold the operators responsible for freud or running a sim that takes lindens and gives only 1 percent back? I feel, the operators have a free run, and they are excluded from the rules, why? I do understand to enter those sims are one's choice, however...If a person spends lindens, and leaves logs off feeling they have been ripped off, and there is nothing they can do, and if the advertisment of said sim states "90 percent of the games is returned to the player" (not true) and when the operators creates alts and play against the player, taking away their chances, as they can set the machines to win or lose or however they do it. Why is linden labs not looking into this issue, and why is it possible to allow freud when the TOS clearly states it is a violation. Just asking.
  2. i am inquiring about your sim for sale, could you please contact me on second life, my name is xantai resident.
  3. Any time I try to log on to second life, using singularity viewer, I get an error message saying updating friends list. I am able to log on to my other account with no problem. Please help.
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