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  1. I went for quality but low prim. The house is really well made but in mesh.
  2. I don't think mesh is as laggy as sculpts. The one I got is 49 prims and I get a high framerate. I like mesh it looks better than blobby sculpts.
  3. thanks yall. I got one from that Flickr link. I wanted Mesh for low prim. :-)
  4. Hi all Am trying to find a new house. I want Mesh and white modern styles. I am not having any joy. Does anybody have any recommendations? :-) Sketchy
  5. Thank you and for making it lay man easy to understand. It was separate meshes 3, so I did as below and it works perfect Thank you Drongle.
  6. Hi, I have been trying (bangs head) to figure our the physics model so I can make my own. I have read lots of threads here which get very complex and are over my head (sorry). I am trying to make a very basic piece of furniture. I don't need complex physics it's a static piece of furniture so I just need a cube shape. I built a cube that each corner reached each furthest corner of my model (so 6 polygons) but it isn't working. I put an illustration of what it would look like (top down view) here - pretending black was my furniture piece and red the physics model. Should I be creating triangles? I am very lost and can't seem to get a beginner's level explanation to help me make the right sort of model or any templates to learn from. Any help much appreciated :-)
  7. nvm I found the problem, one of the jpegs had corrupted and it only flagged when I bulk uploaded the textures.
  8. Hello all :) I have been uploading my own mesh models with no issue. But today on BETA I am getting a texture error message. I have ruled out or checked: (a) each material only has an underlying texture that is a jpg and sized for SL (b) the .dae file as them listed in name/number order except two which are at the top texture 98 and 99. *not sure if this creates an issue (c) it's a complex mesh model with multiple meshes and 99 textures. (d) no issues with physics etc - when I untick the texture option it uploads fine. I checked texture 85 in case that was a clue in the log and it seems ok and no different to the others. I never had have this issue before. It would be back breaking to manually put on each texture so any ideas on where I am going wrong? :) Thanks WARNING: completed: upload failed WARNING: log_upload_error: stage: upload http status: 200 WARNING: log_upload_error: err: {'TextureIndex':i85,'error':'TEXTURE_EMPTY','identifier':'NewAgentInventory_InvalidAsset','message':'The texture is empty.'} WARNING: log_upload_error: mesh upload failed, stage 'upload' error 'TEXTURE_EMPTY', message 'The texture is empty.', id 'NewAgentInventory_InvalidAsset'
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