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  1. Intresting, i see a repost of a message, anyone have the link so I may view it myself?
  2. Ya, I'm having the same issue can't login with main account or alt accounts, tried other viewers as well. Perhaps LL should invest on a backup system
  3. lol 64 meters and under isnt what i consider mega prims, now 64 and above i would, to me the script is useless. I can scale and prim to 64 meter inworls without a script. Fact still remain if an object has a script in it its will cause some lag somewhat giving the time span it is in the object.
  4. STRIPTEASE at The Rusty Screw Night Club go here in world >>> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fredrix/181/26/82 Click theRusty Screw board for instrustions. WANT TO WORK HERE AND EARN FREE LINDENS? YOUR HIRED!!! Just join the group KAOS EMPLOYEE STAFF and start dancing on our stage or poles. After joining the group "KAOS EMPLOYEE STAFF" please take a screenshot of yourself dancing naked on our stage or one of our poles and send it to myself AriochKaos or AbriaKaos and we will assign you a tag "Strip Dancer" (Note) Avatar must be 30 days old, avatar must look 18 or older. We reserve the right to remove anyone at any time who works against the spirit of the established community. Any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact AriochKaos or AbriaKaos.
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