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  1. okay so, I'm in a new family in the sense that I'm the first child my mom ever adopted and she still has no clue on what to do with us. I want to plan a christmas for us, and want to know if it is a possibility to actually open gifts together whether it be that you buy a box that looks like a present and then fill it with the items that you buy (but everything would have to be transferable wouldnt it?) also do any sims open to sell christmas trees and be able to pick and choose? is there a way to then decorate these trees? anyway of getting snow on the sky platform we live on? this is also my first sl christmas :3 any ideas would be appreciated, thanks lots and lots - Lia
  2. Hi, me and my family have found it very hard to find a home since the last sim we lived on closed. we are looking for either a family role play sim or a sim with a scenery and theme, all for 2000L a month or less. we are looking for a fairly large family home, sort of like a cottage or victorian style home. At least 3 bedrooms and all other rooms a home should have. we would prefer a house to be on the lot and then have at least 200 prims to decorate with.... is this unrealistic, I'm trying to stay within my mommys budget :) thanks lots and lots if anyone can help
  3. Well, my name is Lia Jade and I'm new and I'm 7. I'm looking for someone to adopt me please. I really want a family :(
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