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  1. Nope, I've done that with a previous item in that store, still nothing
  2. It's very hard to find a SL skin suitable for a kid avi, I've found a few I like, but not in stores but on avi's and when I IM them, they don't reply and I know a lot of people don't reply when you ask them about where an item on their avi is from, but now I really am stuck. I saw a few old skins from Curio which is closed now due to whichever issues, I checked hush skins, they all have makeup. I've asked stores about their vendor models and still nothing. So, if you guys know where this skin is from or where I can get one similar please tell me :) http://www.turducken.us/?p=1233 And also the hair, if you know where it's from please tell me :)
  3. Sorry for such a late reply, porcelain would be perfect but he skin you've done so far is amazing
  4. if you follow this link, you'll be able to see what the dolly lip looks like : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PF-Elly-DEMOS-All-Tones-and-Info/2412133 I believe it is the 5th image, I like the colours Beestung, Bitten and Blush. and yes, the avi would cover it but if I ever choose to "grow up", I'd need to get a new skin or it would be hard to wear swimwear etc. I 'd like my skin (to go by the same link reference) to be around the same colour of the "Milk" shade of Pink Fuel, Also, the picture didn't load so I can't see the work you've done
  5. I'm trying to mod my skin, I've already asked about freckle layers and am very thankful with all the answers I got :) but now I want to mod my lips, and have found a style I like but they aren't sold seperately, I'd have to buy the whole skin set. so, I was hoping if any of you could help me find tattoo layers with lips like this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PF-Elly-DEMOS-All-Tones-and-Info/2412133 (the doll gloss picture) thanks for any help :)
  6. The Creator isn't doing customs at the moment
  7. I have yepp, the Pink Fuel Elly is the closet I've come to a skin I like but it is an adult skin and I am a child avi, so it doesn't really make sense, to pay 900L for an adult skin. I do however like their Dolly Lip Lip options makeup layer but they don't sell it seperately and Al Vulo is slightly over my price range.
  8. I've still had no luck, I went to Glam Affair but they didn't have a demo and I'm very picky with my freckles. So, I've sent out a few IM's to you guys, thanks soo much for your help so far.
  9. Hi everyone I'd appreciate as much help as possible, with store names and opinions. I'm looking for a new skin, no makeup or very natural makeup with nice freckles or, just nice freckles on tattoo layer. I use a toddleedoo mesh avatar so the body isn't really important, just the face
  10. I have no clue about where to buy these gacha items other than at the event, HOWEVER my computer is way too slow to even rezz the building, meaning buying anything is almost impossible. If you have this item, know someone who does or a group that sells TAGA items or anywhere I can enquire please tell me. I'm looking for: From the Auxiliary Gacha (mouse ears): ~ Plain Black Ears ~Plain Pink Ears ~Plain White Ears ~ Black Ears w/ Pink Bow ~White Ears w/ Pink Bow & any of the RARES. From the Beetlebones (mesh hamster avi): ~ Siberian Snow or ~ Cake all prices are negotiable :) thanks if you can offer any help
  11. a lot of child avi's have forever family, say they have a "forever sissy" and are then adopted by a family does that mean they come as a pair or what? and also a "Forever Mommy" but you're adopted by another family. Could someone please explain? I'm a little confused.
  12. do they exist and if so, where can I get them?
  13. I wasn't replying to your comment which I found extremely helpful, I was talking about the other person who said " why don't you try growing up". Which I think was supposed to be smart or witty
  14. I want to make my avi a tot should I get a Toddleedoo, Yabushka Avatar or the Sweetbaby Avatar Reducer? or is there something better?
  15. Hi, I took a picture and saved it to my computer, I touched it up a little and now want to upload it back to SL, I tried and it became a texture, how can I make it a snapshot?
  16. So far I've come across Toddleedoo, Yabushka Baby and the Sweet Baby Avatar Shrinker. I'm happy with the shape I have, I just want the toddler height, which would be best for me? or are there others I dont know about :matte-motes-confused:
  17. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a child AO, a realistic one. The only one I've found so far that seems modern And good quality Is the one from Tutys, however my main issue Is the walk! I want to walk realistically, I don't want to skip,waddle or pretend to fly like an airplane everywhere. The one from Tutys has 12 walks, if anyone has this ao set, are they any good? Is there a "demo"? And what are the stands like? I don't constantly want to be doing hand stands, jumps And shuffles, my avi doesn't have that personality And Prim skirts (especially child dresses) are a nightmare when they keep flapping around everywhere. Thanks if anyone can help :)
  18. I want to rent land with at least 500 prims on a budget of say 2000L a month. any sims that have that available?
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