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  1. Jessica, the bandwidth is an excuse, i made put it at 500 at my friend from the first moment, there is not a problem of Firestorm Phoenix, Sl viever, Kokua, Singularity etc... we was try all, the problem is only for some avatars (no bot, i mean person so it's unaceptable) and only on Magnum server after the "Magnum is getting the interest list improvement project.".... This is a problem of the Lienden Lab and i hope they sort it firt to put this news on the other servers or a lot of persons will be unable to stay on SL. I ask at the Linden again to sort this problem for the residents, we spend money for a land and then we can't use it cause a bug in the server (because is a fault in the server we all have understand that)? I'm waiting a reply from day but i see they talk only of bots, can the resident have a bit of attention please? Thanks.
  2. That's for the bots but for all the normal avi? Firestorm, SL viever, Kokua or Singularity the problem is the same, can't see the people or the objects on lands with Magnum server, in the other lands there is no problem.
  3. Check for other messages about this bug. this thread
  4. After a ticket the reply from the Linden at my friend for sort her problem with that region on Magnum server (where she pay the rent of 1/2 sim at an agency) was: you need to be Premium account. ??? Only the land owner need it for pay the tax, there is a bug with an avi in a Magnum server and i read here after the rolling restart of the server it's not the only one case. When is possible to sort all this troubles? Thanks for the attention.
  5. There is an issure with an avatar with the EM located in sim10040.agni.lindenlab.com ( Second Life RC Magnum ( Bonta ), after the rolling restart that persons is ejexted offsim at 0,0,0 point, all avatar and object disappear but only in that specific Magnum region and only that avatar (i hope to don't be OT, i write for her cause she don't talk english very well), thanks for the attention.
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