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  1. Anime May Haven is an M sim...and owned by the creator of the Kemono, sexual content can only be sold on an M sim, not used. Being it's an anime sim, and owned by the kemono creator, and there was no sexual anything, leaves me to question why i got the warning...i could have been an actual child avatar there and would not have been breaking any LL rules, as child avatars are allowed even on A sims. I should have never received any form of warning, but i did...because someone AR'd me for ageplay...if LL would have investigated it, they would have found zero ageplay and had no reason to warn me. Sure, they look at the description of the AR...but no further, it said ageplay so that was enough for them to send a warning, a threat about being banned.
  2. LL is most certainly discriminating against short avatars. I was AR'd by someone who simply walked up to me and called me "ageplay" like it was my name, and hour later i get a warning email from LL about my "child avatar" ......Almost 6 feet tall, wearing the Kemono body, M3 anime head, and standing in Anime May Haven sim that is owned by the Kemono creator, talking with friends. I was wearing Krankhaus jammie bottoms and V-neck 2 shirt, fully clothed in an M sim. I tried to appeal the AR but they closed the case stating the findings were correct, so i sent a 2nd appeal along with a photograph of my avatar, and it was simply ignored with no reply at all and the ticket was closed. Here is a photo of my avatar, along with the body slider showing my height. https://gyazo.com/6dfbd66eb0b352e07f8e441c7c97c12a And here is the outfit i was wearing when i was AR'd for "ageplay" .....i was also standing in this very spot, doing this same thing at the time the AR was filed against me. https://gyazo.com/cd3bc617020e872606bf8a42c4206d04 So there is no denying that LL does indeed discriminate against short avatars, and i am pretty sure they do not even read the AR when they are sent. They simply see ageplay and slam the hammer down without any thought.
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