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  1. I have a 512 parcel for sale at Bruja (8, 80, 0) at a now reduced price of L$ 500. I have an island now so just want to let this parcel go. Please IM me if you have any queries. Many thanks.
  2. I'm sorry, I bought it originally as oceanfront, and protected. It has sold now.
  3. Only selling this attractive oceanfront full sim because I am going to have a private island, but sadly can't have both! It has 22,450 prims available and the oceanfront is protected. Selling for L$99,000. Please visit Khan at 107,131,48 and if you should have any questions before buying please IM me. Many thanks.
  4. I am interested in buying a full mainland sim. I would prefer it to be attractive with some rising and falling of land rather than flat and if possible with a lake or some sea. Many thanks. Kind regards, Honeysuckle Humby
  5. This is a very nice location, you can see the sea! Only selling to buy a whole sim instead. Please IM me if you have any queries. Quarter Sim parcel for sale, 16384 sq.m. 5625 Prims Now reduced to 8000 L$ at Morag http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morag/125/140/53
  6. My apologies - I was not being greedy! I looked all over the world to see what pricing there was for a full sim, depending on what type of terrain it had etc.. The ones I checked were between 200,000 and 600,000 L$ so I went for my original asking price as I thought it was reasonable compared to the prices elsewhere for a full sim. I did not work out the cost into GB Pounds or other currency. If I had, then I certainly would not have asked the price I seemed to be selling the land for. I have opened an Amended Price thread now and hope that it is considered more reasonable.
  7. The full sim of Aswang is for sale, attractive land with a lake. L$ 50,000 Full prim allowance for sim, this is Linden land, not estate owned. Aswang 128, 128, 24
  8. The full sim of Aswang is for sale, attractive land with a lake. L$ 350,000 Full prim allowance for sim, this is Linden land, not estate owned. Aswang 128, 128, 24
  9. This is now reduced to L$500 for a quick sale, I am wanting to buy another parcel to have instead of this one, and hopefully won't lose the chance. :-)
  10. I have a small 512 parcel for sale at Bruja for L$1000 which is in a quiet area, not many parcels occupied around it. Although not next to the sea, there are nice views across to the sea. To visit, the SLURL is http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bruja/53/139/40
  11. We have a 512 parcel of land to rent on the Mainland at Bruja. Flat, green and in a peaceful, attractive area. Nice views. 116 prims. 300L$ per week. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bruja/53/151/40
  12. I posted a thread earlier today in the Mainland forum because I have some shops to rent and nowhere else seemed a suitable place. I have now found that my thread has been moved to Parcels for Rent: Estate!! Well, considering I am not offering parcels for rent and that my land is on mainland and not Estate land, to me this seems to be the wrong place altogether for people who would be interested in renting a shop, to see. I would be most grateful if someone could let me know please how I would contact a moderator so that they can be aware that my shops to rent are not parcels of land nor are on Estate land. Many thanks.
  13. For the Special Offer to the first five renting our new shops for a minimum of two weeks or longer, we will refund one weeks rent to you. This group of shabby chic and attractive style shops for rent are set in a peaceful and attractive new shopping square in Olde Aswang Valley Village. The shops vary in size and some have a floor upstairs too. There is a small market in the shop square with market stall rentals available if you prefer something smaller. There are places to sit and some freebies dotted about and it is all meant to be relaxing and peaceful and provide a more slower pace of life (Second or Real). The whole sim is themed to be idyllic, peaceful, attractive and olde worlde (rather than medieval) in some places. We have endeavoured to maintain an attractive appearance within the whole sim so that all can enjoy a relaxing life in Olde Aswang Valley Village. We will soon be opening a hangout for all to enjoy near the shopping square which will also hopefully build traffic to the shops. Come and visit Olde Aswang Valley Village and be one of the first five to rent these new shops. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aswang/184/33/35
  14. Thank you Innula. I put a thread in the Land, General discussion board to mention my new shops to rent. It was being seen by those who would be interested in that, then it was moved to Parcels for rent, Estate! Well as this was not about parcels for rent and as it is on mainland and not an Estate as such, it is now being looked at by many who are probably interested in renting a parcel, which is not what my thread was about. So, unless it is moved to somewhere more suitable the people I want to see it won't be looking as if they want a shop to rent they won't be looking at parcels to rent! Also, those looking at parcels to rent will be disappointed reading my thread as it is about shops to rent. So, at the moment it is no good to anyone as it is in completely the wrong place. I was just wondering if there was a way we can send a message to a moderator to explain that so that they move it t a more suitable place.
  15. Hallo all, I started a thread in one board here in the forums today but it has been moved to a completely wrong board for what I intended it for. Does anyone know how I can contact a moderator to ask them to move it to a suitable board please? Many thanks. Honeysuckle Humby
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