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  1. depending on the brand of your skin they should offer Lola's appliers, if they don't I suggest you get a new skin with the option of appliers it's just easier.
  2. Thanks, I found a script by Meli Imako, but if the one you're talking about I'll have a look and try it out
  3. Hi I've made a cushion to sit on and a nap time mat, I want to put in about 6 anims in each. But I don't want random animations to play and not have the option of swapping soI was wondering if someone could link me to a script where when I click the cushion or nap mat you can change the animation via a menu (like most modern furniture has). I hope you guys understand what I'm talking about and thanks for any help :)
  4. My Friend, was living on a vampire sim, sort of like a bloodlines family. She was roleplaying, where there was a "King" of the clan who got her friend, and his girlfriend pregnant at the same time and was playing them both. So My friend confronted him because that's her friend he was playing. The "King" then told the Land owner to ban her, when infact she had payed $1500 rent. Can you do this? They refuse to unban her. Is there anything she can do? please help
  5. Okay well, I know this probably pops up alot but I need a steady income and I need a job. I have tried freelance escorting at about 3-4 clubs and no ticket since there are alot around nowadays. So, I was wondering if anybody here had any vancancies, I'm also good with photoshop editting if that helps anything. thanks in advance :) - Tiia
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