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  1. I recently have had to cash out my linden balance. for L$100000 the estimated value was $380 ish and after fees I would recieve $365 ish I was ok with this but then the actual amount I recieved was $311 and some odd cents finally in paypal I got only $250 and odd cents So my question is this Where are all these fees coming from???
  2. LL have done this consistantly for over 8 years. They announce improvements and go right on and screw it up again. In an Industry where 100000 errors is considered acceptable why is it the programmers at LL created 2500000 and still keep their jobs. Possibly LL dont really want SL to work properly after all
  3. the simplest was is to clean dl sls own viewer. and log in using that, change your clothes and then log out and log back in on your prefared viewer. your avatar will be rezzed correctly and you can continue with your fun.
  4. Mt girlfreind has a similar problem on a number of her alts, she has all maturity values set correctly and can buy adult items herself on each alt but I am unable to send her adult items. LLs response was, it has to be your fault . she has called them I have called them we have both placed tickets and still the problem which is NOT LLs fult persists.
  5. In My opinion as a reasonable thinking person ban lines are there basically for an immediate solution to a particular problem. for example an undesirable person enters your private space it is relitively easy to simply turn them on and get rid of the offending party. However as a long term solution to a recurring invasion of privacy they are not very satisfactory. My security orb has far greater effect, initially warning a person and if they continue to persist tping them home. what is also nice about most orbs is they can be configured to cover anything from height 0m right up to 3000 m and all points between. Thus making them far more efficient and community freindly.
  6. there are many many ads for rental lands with ocean access 200 sailable sea accessed from this or that place, a year ago this was true but recently, Many open water sailable sims have been removed, making such Ads now false. This is not the land owners fault of course, at the time of the Ad this was in fact very true. I personally rent land in the north of the mainland, yes I have water access but it saddens me to say that linden labs do not maintain even a minor protected passage from the Northern ocean to the Blake sea. From Mapping surveys of the area this would mean that perhaps as few as two open water sims would need to be reopened. this would provide the physical ability to access the blake from what was the Linden ocean. I would hope that perhaps Linden Labs might consider this as a small contribution to the many many residents who enjoy the ocean and its surroundings. In the second part of this discussion I would also like to say that I find some residents in the key areas where passage would be possible, I note an extreme selfishness toward the many thousands of SL residents. I do understand individuals desire for privacy and exclusivity, However it is remakably selfish of residents with a river running through their land to close the land thus preventing the use of that river to other users. I look at this like in real life if a river flows by your house, no one will permit you to close it off to river traffic why then should you do so in second life. It is rude, it is selfish and its morally wrong. so please Linden labs and land owners with river access from one part of the ocean to another consider the many users who without causing you any loss of privacy or greif wish to peacefully pass from one sea to another. Thank you for listening Sven Rolls
  7. I passed a folder with 2400 L$ worth of items in to my girlfreind and its not in her inventory, we both have transaction histories showing these items were passed so what has heppened to them and how do we get them back?
  8. I have for some weeks been attempting to buy adult rated items for My GFs avatars she is fully age verifid and has her preferences set to adult/mature/pg yet I get the error message when attempting to buy for her ****** does not have the maturity rating required to recieve these goods, To test this I tried to buy for one of my own Alts that is also fully mature and rated and I find the same problem. What is wrong?? is it My settings or the other peoples???
  9. Till they get off thier coffee break and decide to move thier butts and fix it
  10. Sl has been pulling stuff like this for over the six years I have been an SL member its always blamed on unforseen circumstances. Come on LL coputers work on a basic pronciple of logic ie. its logical keep messing with it and its going to logically fail
  11. It would be so nice to have an occasional inworld warning when this happens
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