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  1. Hello! I have a lot of free time SL and RL. I want to search a job on sl and i'm interested about being a dancer/stripper (but without voice for the moment because my micro are broken rip..) I am 20 years old in RL and i have a full mesh avatar. I just need to have someone understandable because it's my very first job and who explains well ! thank you (can't wait to have replies haha)
  2. Hello !! I started my Flickr recently : https://www.flickr.com/photos/187251262@N04/ but I don't the quality of my pic.. So I wanted to have tip for taking good pic (I use the firestorm viewers) thank u if someone help me!
  3. Hi. I would like to meet LGBTQ+ people in SL, I tried to go in a group or meeting people around but it's a bit difficult.. I wanted to know if there are place who LGBTQ+ goes? Thanks you!
  4. Just saw this post and wishing find someone like this lol
  5. you can add me i'm 20 years old & a girl !
  6. hello! i'm back in secondlife (bc of my bored life student lol) i prefer to say before i'm 20 years old irl ! i hope i can find people who can do role play (i wish having a family in second life!!) also, i like anime/manga! & kpop but i can listen to rock too~!! i hope i can find friends
  7. Hi! so i'm restarting playing second life and i need some tips/creator who do asian(japanese,korean..) skin,clothes,head (and good shape too!!) etc..i'm lost for information i have maitreya and catwa catya head) thank you so much !
  8. hello i'm looking for friend like kpop or anime/manga !
  9. hello ! i have maitreya shape and catwa catya head but i would like to buy skin like korean/japanese and i don't find this >.< thank u for help
  10. thank u i have find my transaction !!
  11. i don't find the transaction information..
  12. hello i have purchase item from violent seduction (map) but i don't received on my inventory.. help my please i lost 250 L$...
  13. hello i have purchase item from (map) but i don't received on my inventory.. help my please i lost 250 L$...
  14. hello, i'm new on SL and I need help for my avatar and etc? thank u and please reply )):
  15. Hello ! How to find a job in second life? Because I never found Thank u !!
  16. Je pense que sa doit être un bug je fait attendre encore un peu de temps sa me la deja fait Quands il seront revenu je vous le signalerais.
  17. S'il vous plait aidé sa avait fait la même chose avant j'ai du oublié changait mon mot de passe je pense maintenant j''ai -1 liden dollar .
  18. D'accord Merci. Pour votre aide
  19. J'avait 147 linden dollar. Je n'ai rien Acheter au part avant.J'ai complétement tout vérifier Il son Disparu tout Seul.
  20. -1 liden dollar tout me linden on disparu et sa 1 mois que j'att quil revienne S'il vous plait aider moi !!
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