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  1. Ive been on secondlife for a long while now, but I have noticed that most of my friends have stopped logging into secondlife. Im not big on going out to clubs, but I'll go to hangout with someone I know if they pull my hand. I love to shop, find nice quiet artistic places, and just explore places with friends. Im in my late 20's, (age does not bother me) Im not interested in dating or flirting on here. I just want to get to know new people, and hopefully for years to come. Im in the pacific time zone.
  2. Im looking for a dancer job, I havent done it in sometime. Fantastic skills in emoting, and positive/sensual personality. Im looking for a club that is open all the time. My avatar has all of the best details, including slink hands/feet, mesh breasts, and hair. Would love to do this so I can meet other great people!
  3. Looking for people to explore secondlife with, trade landmarks for shopping. Im a huge secondlife hair addict. I love to do gachas, go to clubs, race, and have goofy fun. Looking for longterm friendship, love to get to know people. Send me an im inworld. Im pretty easy to talk to.
  4. Looking for romance in second life. Ive recently (2 weeks from today) have lost my sl partner due to his real life reasons. Id like to spend time with someone, and really get to know them for who they really are. I would really love to support them, friends before lovers. Let things grow naturally. I love to go to live concerts, explore, talk, dance. Sometimes I do skype. Im looking for something based on secondlife, even though feelings are very real. I do tend to have more of an attraction to older men, I am 26. Im a very sensual, romantic, sweet, creative, passionate woman, I do prefer to f
  5. Yes I was dating inbetween doing all of that. I was just stating things that I like to do, that doesnt have to do with the typical sexual things on secondlife. Although I may sound like an old fart with the things that I stated lol, im 26.
  6. You may also like amazin jacks, they play games and have a club
  7. Ive recently had my heart broken here, and I would like to meet new people to hang out with. Im in the pacific time zone (same as secondlife), but Im on quite a bit off and on. I love to shop, explore, help people, and play games like skippo or yahtzee. Please send me a message inworld if your interested.
  8. Ive tried using a hairbase for it and it still looks quite odd, and no you can not move mesh hair.
  9. So I have tried a number of things, Ive even tried using a different alpha from a different hair. Ive changed the LOD settings also. Is there anything else I can do? Ive also sent the creator a notecard until then Id like to see if I can solve this problem.
  10. Hmm personally find the Truth hair quite stiff. In the picture it looks like it moves. But thank you for your opinion its appreciated.
  11. Im still looking for the hair, and both Dura and UW are not the stores. Im sure its not Truth or Analog Dog Hair island. I also looked at bishwear (really cool flowy hair) but not there either. Thanks for the replies though, im banging my head while looking lol.
  12. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/JPD-Stars-and-Stripes-Bikini-Tattoo-and-horn-included/2429031 So Ive tried contacting the owner of the store, and contact the group. Does anyone know where this hair is from? Im sure its not truth or analog dog hair island.
  13. Thank you ill try that place, I had already sent a NC to the store owner. I also tried to get into the group but there is no chatting within it.
  14. I tried sending a NC to the owner of the store. Im pretty sure that its not Truth, or Analog Dog, Bishwear, or A&A...does anyone know where this hair is from? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/JPD-Stars-and-Stripes-Bikini-Tattoo-and-horn-included/2429031
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